By Anja Reimann

There are some basic things you can consider to make the walking experience a great one. Dedicate time, love, and patience to walk your dog daily. As a rule of thumb regarding exercise duration, walking in the fresh air for 30 minutes to up to two hours a day can do wonders to your canine’s health. The temperature will often determine the best time to take your dog walking. Earlier in the day or later in the evening are suitable times to walk your dog.


Walking your dog is important to provide him mental stimulation and physical exercise. Through walks, the entire musculoskeletal system of the dog is trained and strengthened, the circulation and the metabolism stimulated. The immune system can work better and the dog is less susceptible to disease. Without sufficient exercise, muscle mass is reduced, and fat mass is built up which often leads to a strain on joints and bones. Excess weight also causes cardiovascular diseases and diabetes in dogs. Daily walks will also help with socialisation and reinforcement of the bond between you and your four-legged friend.


Most dogs are like most humans, they love to explore… variety is happiness! For an ideal exploring walk with your dog, variation and stimulation for the brain are important parts, so be sure to offer your canine a balanced mix of concentration exercises, search games and sniffing while walking. Once outside, make your walk enjoyable: take a different route if you have time. Bathroom break walks instead are best over the same routes. Dogs seem to appreciate a lack of ambiguity and know which place to poop at. If you are in a rush to go to work – learn your dog’s favourite spots and walk directly there. It will help them develop conditional reflex and both of you will be better off at the end.


As a basic principle, you should not let your dog make contact with other dogs while wearing a leash. Or if you want your dog to make contact, ask before you let your dog approach another dog. That way you avoid any unnecessary risk. As just because your dog is friendly doesn’t mean every dog to dog meeting will be pleasant. Dogs cannot communicate in the same way when they are leashed as when they are off the leash. It’s all too easy for a critical situation to arise.


Don’t forget to bring treats with you. A dog will listen to you when you have treats in your hand, so make sure that you only give them out when they’ve done something right. And last but not least, bring water (especially if you are going to be walking for more than a half hour, it is even more important on hot days).


On a Flexi leash, a dog can walk three times as long in the same time as on a conventional leash. In addition, Flexi leashes give space to the dog’s natural urge to move and explore, and allow him to run out even where it is not possible for the dog to run freely.

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