This year’s Indian Pet Industry Dialogue (IPID), held at The Park on 4th August, 2023 brought about the space to have deliberate discussions by pet industry stakeholders. The event witnessed a remarkable sight of prominent exceptional leaders sharing their insights on the various sectors within the industry, inspiring a crowd. From the Pet Influencers to decoding the D2C Market, analysing the various arenas of the industry, the Pet Industry in India came through for this event as pioneers for redefining the industry.

In conjunction to the Indian Pet Industry Dialogue (IPID), Drools, a prestigious brand in the industry for a long time now,  kicked off the first ever mentorship program in the pet industry that aims to elevate the newer companies venturing into the pet industry. First in its initiative, it is a game changer in the industry and holds possibility for everyone to achieve success in the industry as an access point.

 “Congratulations to the deserving winners of the Drools Mentorship Program. At Drools, we firmly believe in our commitment to inclusive growth and thought leadership. Nurturing and guiding upcoming pet care businesses isn’t just our way of strengthening the industry but a testament to our vision of a thriving ecosystem. As we empower new businesses, we’re not only contributing to the industry’s success but also fostering growth that benefits our great nation. Here’s to a brighter, collaborative future for all!” Dr.Shashank Sinha, CEO of Drools.

The winners of this coveted mentorship are Fairy Tails, FluffCrew, and Licks & Crunch. These three exceptional ventures demonstrated outstanding potential and innovation in their respective domains.

With a heart-warming focus on crafting pet accessories that seamlessly blend fashion and functionality, Fairy Tails stole the spotlight. Their unique approach to enhancing the pet-owner bond through aesthetically pleasing yet practical products garnered them a well-deserved spot in the Drools Mentorship Program.

Making waves with their state-of-the-art pet grooming tools and services, FluffCrew emerged as a dynamic force in the pet industry. Their commitment to pet well-being, coupled with their innovative grooming solutions, set them apart as a beacon of excellence.

Delighting the taste buds of pets across the nation, Licks & Crunch stood out with their premium range of pet treats. Their dedication to crafting delectable, nutritious treats won the hearts of both pets and their owners, earning them a deserving place in the mentorship program.

The Drools Mentorship Program stands as a testament to their commitment to nurturing innovation within the pet industry. With a storied legacy in providing high-quality pet nutrition, Drools has taken a proactive step towards fostering the growth of promising enterprises that share their passion for pets.

“ We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Shashank Sinha, the visionary CEO of Drools, for leading the brand so brilliantly. We’re thrilled at the prospect of being mentored under his guidance. Special thanks to Mr. Binoy Sahee, the driving force behind IIPTF. We are equally grateful to Drools and IIPTF for their support. This acknowledgment fuels our passion for innovation, and we can’t wait to embark on this mentorship journey.” Surbhi Hablani, Founder of Licks and Crunch

FluffCrew was founded with a vision to help pet-parents raise their pets like a pro. We are doing this through our expert designed pet raising kits which help pet-parents through different stages of pet-parenting. We are thrilled on winning the Drools mentorship as this will help us accelerate our growth and make a positive change in the whole pet-raising journey.

-Apurv Marathe, Founder,FluffCrew.

As we look forward to the upcoming showcase of the winning ideas and the brilliant minds steering these ventures, it is evident that the pet industry is poised for an exciting evolution. The Indian Pet Industry Dialogue and the Drools Mentorship Program have undoubtedly set a high watermark for collaboration, innovation, and progress within the pet sector.

“We are proud of Drools and their alliance with Indian Pet Industry Dialogue in bringing about this remarkable program to make the industry accessible for everyone, and helping in bringing about a collective success that will encompass into the pillar this industry will become in the coming years.” Ms. Linda Brady Hawke, CEO of India International Pet Trade Fair.

This certainly will steer the industry in a forward motion that will lead to a rapid growth and development in this sector. The Indian Pet industry is an inclusive space that provides a platform for everyone to contribute and learn from this industry.

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