ITC Nimyle making floors a safe space for pets with no chemical residue

As we celebrate Pet Day, it’s important to appreciate and embrace the cherished bond we share with our furry friends. Our pets bring immense joy and companionship to our lives, therefore, this National Pet Day, let’s honour their friendship by ensuring that their surroundings are not only filled with love and joy but is also safe and healthy.

Where wagging tails and playful paws reign supreme… the floors are our furry friends’ playground! As pet parents maintaining safe and hygienic floors at home becomes as important as picking the right food for your kids to eat. Floors are where the zoomies, naps, and roll overs occur, not to mention a host of other antics your pets may come up with! Celebrating Pet Day, take a minute to know how to make floors the safest for your pets.

From the trusted house of ITC, Nimyle is a neem-based floor cleaner, that delivers 100% natural action* with 99.9% germ protection*. Nimyle is safe for kids and pets as it leaves behind no chemical residue^ on your floors and ensures a long-lasting fresh fragrance. The brand’s commitment to ensuring that floors cleaned with ITC Nimyle are free from harmful chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, parabens, sulphates, phosphates, and quats, delivering 100% natural action*, with 99.9% germ protection* reflects their dedication to making floors safe for kids and pets.

Pet influencer, Deena Pinto says, “Apart from the quality time filled with immersive and fun games that bring great joy to my little Kiki and me, I am also quite concerned about the floors she considers a playground every day. Chemicals included in most floor cleaners today can pose hidden risks. The residues left behind are especially harmful to my fur baby, therefore I only trust the pet-safe ITC Nimyle to ensure safe floors for my home. Enriched with the power of neem providing a 100% natural action*, Nimyle is my go-to floor cleaner for providing a safe and hygienic floor. Now I can say goodbye to my worries about harmful chemicals and embrace a home where Kiki can roam freely, knowing that the floors are safe.”

With their playground safe and secure, we can move on to the next step, planning wholesome and enjoyable activities to make the most of the quality time you spend with your furry friend. While outdoor adventures often steal the spotlight, the role of indoor activities in strengthening the bond between pets and their owners should not be overlooked. Here are 3 playful indoor activities to enjoy with your beloved pet friends.

Hide and Seek:

This classic game isn’t just for kids—it’s a great way to engage your pet’s senses and stimulate their mind. Hide behind furniture or in another room and call out your pet’s name. Encourage them to find you by using treats or their favorite toy as a reward. Not only does this game provide mental stimulation, but it also strengthens the bond between you and your pet as they learn to rely on your presence.

DIY Agility Course:

You don’t need a professional agility course to have fun with your pet indoors. Set up a makeshift agility course in your home floors using household items like chairs, broomsticks, and cardboard boxes. Create obstacles for your pet to jump over, weave through, or crawl under. Use treats or toys as incentives to guide them through the course. Not only does this activity provide physical exercise, but it also helps improve your pet’s coordination and confidence.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt:

Create a scavenger hunt for your pet by hiding treats or toys throughout the house. Start with easy hiding spots and gradually increase the difficulty as your pet gets the hang of it. Encourage them to use their sense of smell to track down the hidden treasures. This activity taps into your pet’s natural instincts and provides mental stimulation while rewarding them for their efforts.

This National Pet Day, prioritize the safety and well-being of your beloved furry friends with ITC Nimyle, a pet-friendly floor cleaner. 

*100% natural anti-microbial action basis lab study

^No chemical residue basis lab study

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