By Jaya Sharma*

We brought our dog ‘Junior’ in our lives in January 2014. Junior is an adorable white and chocolate-colored male Beagle. He is intelligent, excitable, determined and has a happy-go-lucky nature.

Junior is a very sensitive dog. He is extremely attached to all of his hooman family members – me, his dad Ashok and brother Siddharth. We noticed early on that whenever all of us leave home together to attend a family gathering or wedding, Junior suffers from severe bouts of separation anxiety and exhibits a lot of destructive behaviour. By the time we reach back home, all table covers, bed covers, cushions and other furnishings have been removed from their place. Now we either take him along when we go to such events, or one of us stays back to be with Junior.

Out of all family members, Junu is closest to me. He gets deeply affected whenever I fall ill. At these times, he just lies at the foot of my bed and refuses to touch his food. In the end, I have to get up and feed him with my own hands.

Junior is very friendly towards guests and loves to welcome people home. He loves to be petted and stroked. If a guest ignores him, Junior runs away with his/her slippers, handkerchief or keys and refuses to give it back till the guest finally gives in and showers him with loads of undivided attention.

He is very alert and reaches the door at every doorbell. While most dogs wait for the entire day to go out for their daily walks, Junior is the complete opposite – he is a homebody who prefers to stay home. He is highly perceptive. As evening approaches, he comes to know that it would soon be time for him to head out for his daily outing. So he quietly goes and hides beneath the bed. He has to be coaxed out with his favorite treats. Once out of the house, he loves to indulge in his favorite pastime – digging in the dirt.

After dinner, he brings the toy of his choice and tells us to play with him. He sleeps with us on our bed and loves to wake us up by breathing into our ears.

Junior keeps us entertained the entire day with his antics. He is the ideal canine companion and I am lucky to have him in my life. May God bless him always!