In conversation with Ashish Anthony, the founder of JUST DOGS, he delves into Just Dogs’ expansion plans and innovative product lines, including the newly launched Magna Feast, along with the trends shaping pet parenting and their exciting future projects.

Q1. How has the trajectory of your company been so far and what keeps you going in this evolving industry?

JUSTDOGS has experienced a dynamic and positive trajectory since its inception. Our growth has been multifaceted, with expansions into online marketplaces and continuous innovation in our product lines. The secret to thriving in the rapidly evolving pet care industry is our passion for pets and our commitment to providing the best possible products and services to pet parents. Our team’s dedication, deep market understanding, and customer-centric approach drive us forward.

Q2. Is Just Dogs planning to expand its retail presence in other regions? How many stores are you planning to reach by March 2025 and how does the importance of e-commerce play out in your venture?

Our expansion strategy is ambitious yet meticulously planned; we are aiming to establish over 70 stores across India by March 2025. E-commerce is an integral part of our business model, enhancing our omnichannel retail approach. This allows us to reach customers beyond geographical constraints and offer them the convenience of shopping from home while maintaining the personal touch that they value in-store.

Q3. How many variants of your newly launched food brand, Magna Feast, are available in the market and how do you anticipate its impact on your brand’s identity?

Currently, we offer two variants of our newly launched food brand, Magna Feast. As we expand the line, we anticipate it will significantly bolster JUSTDOGS’ identity as a provider of high-quality, nutrition-focused products. We’re committed to enhancing pet health through our offerings, and Magna Feast is poised to become a staple in the dietary regimen of pets.

Q4. As a brand that deals with end customers at forefront, what are the three most important trends that you have witnessed from the perspective of pet parents?

The trends we’ve observed include an increased focus on holistic pet health, a demand for eco-friendly and sustainable pet products, and a growing interest in technology-driven solutions for pet care and engagement.

Q5. Looking further, what are your plans for the near future? Do you have any exciting projects or collaborations lined up?

 The horizon for JUSTDOGS is vibrant with numerous projects and collaborations in the pipeline. Without revealing too much, we can say that pet parents can look forward to innovative products, engaging community events, and partnerships that align with our mission to enhance the lives of pets and their families.

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