Tools on how to navigate long distance relationship with your favourite furry creatures.

By Abhishek Tiwari

Throughout time, we have been warned about the emotional challenges that come with long-distance relationships. However, the term “relationship” encompasses a wide range of connections in one’s life. One such significant bond is shared with our beloved furry friends, a topic that is often overlooked in discussions. This constant struggle remains a prominent aspect of my life.

My Pet Gucci came into my life in August 2022. I moved to a different city many years ago and I experienced losing a Pet at home in that duration.

The arrival of my new pet brought immense joy to my heart. Despite not being at home initially, the happiness it brought to my family filled me with profound gratitude. When I returned home for a vacation, I delighted in gifting him a toy that he absolutely adored. That particular interaction was a turning point for me. I immediately felt a strong connection and comfort in his presence, as if I had found my home. Spending time with him at home became an absolute joy, and parting with him when I had to leave filled me with a sense of heartache. Whenever I embark on a vacation, the thought of reuniting with him excites me the most, and I eagerly look forward to pampering him with love and care in every possible way.

I absolutely love having the most adorable addition to our family at home, but reminiscing about his early days and not being present for those precious moments fills me with indescribable sadness. Beneath it all, there’s a lingering fear that he might forget me, but fortunately, that’s not the case. Nevertheless, I miss him dearly. Balancing a full-time job and being alone make it challenging for me to adopt a pet since I can’t provide full-time care. The idea of having a dog at home brings me immense joy, yet it also saddens me not to witness every step of his journey. Moreover, a twinge of jealousy arises when my siblings share adorable moments of my puppy that I am unable to be a part of.

However, over the months, I have learned ways to cope with it. I love hearing stories about him, seeing him act clueless and confused when he hears my voice on video calls, and I have learned to focus on the brighter things. While it is absolutely okay to feel the frequent blues and miss him, I know I always have something to look forward to when I visit home. Saying goodbye to him is always a hard one because part of me wishes I could explain to him why I have to leave.

I have learned a lot about strength and carrying that love in your heart on a daily basis which matters the most at the end of the day. I could be having the worst day but seeing a cute picture of him sent by a family member lifts all the worries off my shoulders. I love having him in my life and make space to have him in any way possible in my daily life whether that is through my regular checking in because I am protective of him, or it is through the tales of his fun whereabouts. Long distance relationship with your pet is the hardest but you got this!