By – Dr. Akanksha Diwakar*

It was love at first sight for all of me when I first met Chloe in Hyderabad. I instantly decided that she was going home with me. Coming to Bengaluru was a task. With the help of my colleagues, she was finally home in Bengaluru. My toddler was elated to see her; being young, he is in his learning phase, as to how to be around pets. I am a Vet myself and also a pet parent all my life. Being with pets comes naturally, but I wanted my son to grow up alongside a pet, as it teaches you a lot from being patient to making your heart wide open and to being compassionate. I was more than happy to have her. And to my surprise, Chloe blended into our home as if she had always known us. It was instant just like instant coffee! My parents have always loved pets, so we actually FaceTimed and that’s when they first met Chloe, the virtual world you see. When she was home, initially she was at my parents as I was still figuring things out as to how to get adjusted to a new member in my family, with balancing work and motherhood already on my plate, and this was an added responsibility. My dad has been the kindest soul and has loved animals, he took over the responsibility to initially look after Chloe. Ever since growing up, I can recall dad gifting me a pet when I was just stepping into my teen years.

Chloe’s diet mostly consists of packed food, some homemade snacks she loves nibbling on and some crackers now and then. For a cat I have never come across someone like Chloe, as all individuals have their own personality, I strongly believe Chloe also has her own unique one. She loved following me around the house and accompanied me while cooking meals to working on my laptop. Her favourite pastime is climbing up the curtains. I can see all my curtains having cringes and threads sticking out of them, thanks to our little furry friend. Every morning, my little one wishes her good morning and she responds with a meow. She has bought so much joy to our lives and I can’t wait to watch her grow into a beautiful young cat with countless memories to treasure for a lifting.

*Brand Manager at HImalaya Wellness Company

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