For 23 years COLLAR Company follows its mission – making pets and people happy. Each new product is made to strengthen the connection between pets and owners. The best example of fulfilling this mission is PULLER – the first dog fitness tool. From the set of exercises with PULLER, the COLLAR team created a brand new sport – DOG PULLER – that now conquers the hearts of pet owners all over the world.

The motto of COLLAR Company is “Innovations only”. The truly revolutionary ideas of new products are constantly generated here. The examples of them are EVOLUTOR – the most durable collar and leash; and WAUDOG Printed – the dog accessories, the pattern of which is printed in a way never used in the pet industry.

These and thousands of other products are in great demand in more than 60 countries all over the world. The COLLAR Company keeps a close eye on international trends, tailoring new goods according to the newest needs of customers.

Also, COLLAR Company is actively participating in social projects such as veterinary help for stray dogs and developing of Canistherapy in Ukraine. The dog of Company Owner finished the training for therapy dogs and has been helping children in City Rehabilitation Centre for more than seven years.