Plowy has that kind of personality which can cheer up anybody in this entire world

There’s a saying we don’t own cats, they choose us. It’s so true because I believe Plowy chose us as her pawrents. We feel so lucky and blessed to have her in our life. It is absolutely difficult to imagine our life without her.                       

The journey started when she was 57 days old and we got her from a family in Mumbai. She was very delicate and little – we saw her twinkling eyes and a little fur ball in a small pink basket. It is not possible to describe that feeling in words. It can only be felt. While going back to our home, she did her first meow – it was truly magical to witness that. I remember when we played Atif Aslam’s songs – she instantly calmed down, thus we got to know her love for music. Plowy means a lot to us and the feeling of having her by our side always makes us immensely happy and fulfilled. 

She is the reason for our happiness and the smile on our faces. She has that kind of personality which can cheer up anybody in this entire world.  

She has changed our lives immensely and has made us more responsible, caring, and kind. We can feel the difference in our lives before Plowy and after Plowy. We feel more responsible towards street animals and help them as much as we can. This also motivated us to start an Instagram channel for Plowythecat so that we can inspire more and more people to adopt and help street animals. It’s been more than 4 years now that we have been posting regularly on her channel. It feels great when we receive appreciation for our work. 

Plowy is a loving and affectionate cat who enjoys being naughty occasionally. She loves dressing up. She loves to travel with us all over India. She has covered more than 2 lac km across India. We enjoy road trips with Plowy because she is comfortable with car rides and loves exploring the world outside her. She loves her catwalk more than anything. She is very friendly with humans and that’s why humans love her because she is very calm and a friendly cat. Having Plowy makes every day feel better. 

About the Author

Manisha is a full-time corporate lawyer and Hitesh- is a Business Head. They are Plowy’s parents who are avid travellers and mostly travel via road with plowy.  

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