The new brand advertising campaign encourages pet-parents to try Pedigree for 6 weeks to see the visible differences in their dog’s health, aims at an initiative for 30 million people

MARS Petcare, the world’s leading pet food company, has announced the launch of a brand-new advertising campaign for Pedigree India. The Pedigree’s 6-weeks campaign promises a visible difference in dogs’ digestive system, skin–coat, muscles, bones and natural immunity/defence within 6 weeks of its consumption. As home-cooked meals, if not formulated by a qualified vet nutritionist, are deficient in essential nutrients and prove to be inadequate diet, resulting in health issues for pets. Pedigree also reinforces awareness about optimal and best-suited nutrition for pets. This campaign highlights the company’s commitment to a carefully formulated nutritious, balanced and complete diet for dogs. Also, the ad spreads the message that things good for humans are not good enough for pets.

BBDO India, the creative partner for the campaign, brings to life Pedigree’s key mission to educate pet parents on the complete, balanced nutrition diet for dogs. In a bold initiative, Pedigree, the world’s No. 1 dog food brand, addresses the benefits of research-based completely balanced pet food over homemade meals. Watch this TV and digital film show on the Youtube channel:

To conclude, the film, MARS Petcare in conjunction with their digital partner, Jack in The Box Worldwide are taking a data-driven approach to ensure that audiences comment through the one-of-a-kind #Pedigree6WeekChallenge. The challenge is aimed at getting dog parents to the first sample, then buy a 6-week supply of Pedigree Dry Food that support their dogs’ journey to becoming the best versions of themselves. In India, a shift in pet-parents’ preference to Pedigree is already seen.

Salil Murthy, Managing Director, Petcare at MARS International India Ltd. said, “At MARS Petcare, we follow international food standards for nutritionally balanced diets for pets. Mars is committed to using high-quality ingredients that provide complete and balanced nutrition for pets, making them healthier and fit for a happy, long life. With the #Pedigree6WeekChallenge, we are confident that pet parents will see the difference a nutritionally-balanced diet makes to their dogs. Pet food designed for optimal nutrition for dogs also provides convenience and is a value-for-money option in the busy lives of pet parents. Bringing the best international research and products that enhance the lives of pets and pet parents is not just a business for us, but is part of our organisational purpose of creating a better world for pets.”

Commenting on the campaign, Nikhil Mahajan, Chief Growth Officer, BBDO-India remarked, “Diet and nutrition for dogs is one area full of opinions and myths, and Pedigree has been consistently innovating and communicating about what’s good for Dogs to ensure their holistic growth. We want pet parents to notice the difference when their pooch switches to Pedigree and the 6 weeks challenge was a simple and effective way to make the point. We hope to help pet parents navigate through the dilemmas they face when it comes to choosing the right nutrition for their furry buddies.”

Adding to that Krishna Mani, CCO of Delhi said “Working on the Pedigree film was a delightful experience. Rocky was a superstar, delivering great takes and yet having the energy to play with us afterwards. Overall, the shoot felt more like a day of play than of work.”

To further boost engagement and awareness around the challenge, MARS Petcare has also collaborated with elite influencers who are also well-known pet parents – the likes of Yuzvendra and Dhanashree Chahal, and Alaya F.

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