Rescue is the new breed. When I say so I have a big smile on my face. Our story of adopting our canine daughter Mastani is no less. To be honest, actually she is the one who rescued us. We adopting her wasn’t instant to be honest, it was more like she adopted us.

She was never the typical Indian stray dog from the word go. We live in a 300 acre beautiful gated community with luxury homes, a hotel and a club. This is where she somehow sneaked her way into our hearts and home. She had invited herself over several times for some petting, but it was her goofiness that made us fall in love with her over a period of time.

One day the gate of our community was being repaired and she ran out not knowing that she might not be able to make it back as the gate would have been set in place. We lost contact with her for two weeks but to our surprise she never gave up on us, and we on her. We ended up finding her. When she saw all of us, she was ecstatic and her happiness knew no bounds, as if it was always meant to be and we were the happily ever after that she was looking for. That day all of us decided that we were meant to be together. She rescued us and we brought her home.