My beds ruffled

My rooms a mess

My hairs scuffled

How did I get into this terrifying recess

His tail is wagging

He wants to go down for a walk

Max, please, just some sleep more I beg

His tongue rolls out, he scratches my leg

My heart caves, the love sways

My feet slide in my slippers, the love for him quickers

The cool wind brushes my hair, Max really does care

There’s a dime a dozen dogs with their walkers,

None with a stalker

I look for that beauty

That indie with a cutie 

The girl who has a dimple

She looks cute even with her pimple

Max makes me look like a hero

He also makes my blood pressure drop to zero 

So, he’s not so bad

His golden fur makes me want to hug him so bad

When he snores it makes me snigger

When I snore it makes him come a little hither


-Divya Punjabi

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