The emotional and mental benefits of occasional treats are beneficial for the well being of dogs. Here’s how:

Dog Treats have a knack for being guilty pleasures for dogs. Indulgence is often overlooked as a bad trait owing to the lifestyles that dogs must be healthily accustomed to. What if they aren’t so bad in moderation and dictate a healthier and happier circadian rhythm? Dogs are in an overarching sense viewed as creatures with a sincere need for discipline and training. While that regulation is mandatory to keep them in a routine, providing occasional treats is important for their mental as well as physical health. This article explores some of the reasons why pet owners should add a treat to their dogs’ routines (in moderation though).

Chewing: In general, chewing reduces anxiety in dogs, gives them a sense of joy, and mental stimulation and keeps them less prone to depression. Allowing them the little pleasure of chewing a sweet treat over a toy every now and then will keep their overall mood happy and give them the necessary stimulation they require to keep going as dogs are prone to low moods and can get in that state every now and then. To be able to incorporate this small change would be very beneficial for them.

Mental Health: We all want our furry creatures to be happy. While a degree of discipline and routine is just as important to enable a healthy circadian rhythm and flow, it is just as necessary to allow them a dopamine hit every now and then that makes them wag their tails out of sheer joy. It gives them something to look forward to, enjoy in the moment, and all in all keeps them in a good mood. Dogs love to eat and adding special treats every now and then makes them enjoy their lives more. This can complement their physical vitality as well if practised in moderation.

Successful Dog Training: Adding treats in their training process not solely as a reward mechanism but as a way of enjoying life every now and then, helps them not feel overwhelmed in their dog training process and gives them space to recuperate in their true furry selves wherein they dance around and showcase a sense of inner well being.

Mental Stimulation: Dogs can be prone to depression and other mental health problems. A degree of mental stimulation is necessary to keep them engaged, focused, present, and happy. It allows their free-spirited selves to shine through and gives them a break from monotonous routines.

Things to remember

  • Practice this in moderation as too much indulgence is not healthy and may get them addicted to treats to the point that is all they look forward to.
  • Make sure to create a fun atmosphere in a routine sense that falls outside treats or any form of indulgence to ensure a healthy form of balance, giving them the space to know that they can enjoy outside a place where eating is involved.
  • You can always try out healthy treats if you want to avoid giving them sugar as it can lead to a sugar rush followed by a crash. It is always better to try healthier treats.
  • Check for any form of intolerance that your dog has and safely experiment to see how incorporating treats every now and then works for them.
  • Even within a breed, every dog is different and has a different lifestyle. See what works best for your dog and track how they respond to treats.