By Simran Sharma*

I am a proud Pet Parent of two wonderful cats, Milli and Ginger, who mean the absolute world to me. At this point, it is safe to say that these cats feel like the owners of the house. The whole house schedule runs on their circadian rhythm and we would not have it any other way. Specially, when most of their schedule includes eating and sleeping.

My family of four welcomed Milli back in 2018 and life has only taken a turn for the better ever since. Things got even better with Ginger’s arrival, Milli’s son, who I absolutely adore.

Watching their dynamic never fails to be the highlight of my day. Milli playfully beats Ginger a lot, in the true spirit of being a brown mother. They even have minor territorial disputes. Every time Ginger finds a spot to sleep in all day, Milli never misses the chance to nab that place. Ginger is about as mischievous as he can get himself to. My cats like any other, are independent and like to have their own way. However, that does not stop their affectionate side to shine through. Milli is super close to my mom and wakes her up every morning. Ginger does the same with me. I have a very special bond with Ginger who not only respects me but understands me as well. Somehow he gets all my cues and understands when I need my emotional support animal to perform his diligent duties.
I love that they can squeeze in some ‘affection time’ in their heavy schedules consisting of beauty sleep and a hearty appetite. My cats are foodies. Milli loves a good egg along with berries and almonds. Ginger is not fond of home-cooked food but loves his treats and devours everything in his bowl. Milli has her own quirks and loves pebbles. She is quite stubborn and will not move from her place unless she wants to. Ginger has his own sweet way of making himself at home. He loves to sleep on freshly cleaned or ironed piles of clothes. Ginger, in the best way possible, reminds me to be comfortable with who I am. Seeing him every day is the best reminder of that statement.
Somewhere between their relationship dynamic, habits, and lifestyle, they let us into their world of love and bliss, and to my whole family, that is the most gratifying experience ever. As much as we love pampering them too, we are in absolute awe of the space they have given us through all their little gestures.

* Simran Sharma is a loving Pet sister to two cats and loves imparting her wisdom on being a pet owner

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