Ms. Desi Mr. Desi, It’s time to honour Indian Breeds

Remember the time you picked up a crying puppy from across the dump?

How your mom shrieked? But you pleaded with her to let it stay and promised her to take care of the puppy and it will not spoil anything in the house?

One look at the puppy’s eyes told you that it trusted you.

That was the bond which carries.

You ignored all the sneers and people’s disgust on your visits to the vet or park with your Desi kid. It was again those eyes of trust which made you love it.

That was the bond which carries on.

The commitment, bond is what we strive to honour.

This is where Woof Yums in association with Creature Companion magazine steps in.

Woof Yums, in its bid to encourage adoption and create awareness about indie stray dogs launched India’s first ever beauty contest for indie breeds- “Ms. Desi Mr. Desi”- It’s time to honour Indian Breed”, last year.

The online contest saw more than 200 entries from all over the country.

This year during the month of April, Woof Yums launched the fifth edition of the event.  Prizes got more attractive when A Dog Story-pet friendly resorts consented to sponsor the online event.

Idea was to curb puppy mill culture and breed specific purchases when there are millions of homeless strays with same characteristics freely available on roads. Empathy should be for all and everyone without discrimination.

Mr. Desi – Djambo


I’m Djambo. Djambo means ‘Hello’ in Swahili. And they added unchained to my name because I can get  out of any collar or harness, and can beat

‘Fedex’ of the world when it comes to speed- yes, my pets are quite

‘Fedup’ with this!

I’m using my human account to participate in one of the contests that I stumbled upon on your Instagram. I’m an Indie, rescued from the streets of Delhi and found my permanent home in Gurgaon, Haryana, about two years ago.

I’m elated to know that more and more people are adopting indie dogs. When I was adopted, many  people whom I met in the park used to ask my humans- what breed I am. And they refused to believe  that I am an indie dog. I did not like what followed- “Indi dogs aren’t that well-built, indie dogs ont look cute, indie dogs aren’t that healthy.”

Ms. Desi- Girly

Today …I will tell you about a little fairy called Girly …I found her clinging to her brother (Who I later named Buoy) bleeding from mouth.. ( 16th or 17th July 2016) I was still grieving for “ Myson… So never thought of getting or adopting another  dog …coming back to Girly or O Giralia as I sing for her lovingly in the same tone as O Womania  …. I was told a woman had reversed her car unknowingly … under which both …the brother and the sister were resting … buoy was ill with parvovirus and girly was bleeding from her mouth as  her lower jaw was bleeding… I was coming back from a formal meeting hence wearing a linen jacket (over priced as I had picked it up from a high end store) … on seeing these babies and people  rounding around them discussing … God knows that’s why I hate discussions so much …. I looked  for a piece of cloth … finding none … I took off that jacket which anyways was making me  sweat… and wrapped them both and rushed to a vet nearby… after 20 days of making the rounds to  vet and arguing with neighbours and my family… I decided to keep both of them with me …both of  them are first born of Ammu.. I heard they were 4 pups but unfortunately none else survived… Ammu followed them later … and had one more litter… Girly is the perfect lady … very gentle … is attached to her brother… a very quiet dog … but understands me  perfectly… she has three younger sisters … and often I tell her off despite of no fault of her .. because her sisters are very naughty… but she still is sweet tempered dog who follows her big  brother everywhere… and diligently leaves a little part of her food every time for him…

Most Viewed- Chaman

His name is Chaman (interesting name) so we adopted him 1 year back earlier he used to roam in our colony streets but few people just for fun beaten him badly, and he was badly injured so that we decided to protect him and keep him with us now he is the most and cutest kid in our home we all love him, he is family

Jury’s Choice- Ciri

Initial named Pulkiya by her rescuer, was rescued from Manali streets. She met with an accident when she was only 60 days old…One of her hind leg was completely damaged and so it had to be  amuptated. She stayed in a charitable shelter named “Manali Strays” for few days before i fostered  her. She was loved and pampered by everyone who came across this beauty.

While i was fostering her i fell in love with her and she became mine, also renamed her Ciri (Cirilla) . My lovely lady is 5 months old now. She loves belly rub, kisses, food, playing with  her boyfriend Candy and of course Me. What she doesn’t love is being clicked. Nothing could look more positive than her.

People’s Choice – Moon Pie


First of all I am very thankful to the organisers of this activity who came up with such an innovative ideas to promote our indies. My indie’s name is “moon pie” and as the name suggests he  is literally a “Chand ka tukda” for our whole family. We found him on a street with broken leg and  multiple wounds. We took him to vet and then to our home. He started his recovery soon. And now he  is the spoiled brat of our house. His “bholi bhali Surat”can melt anybody’s heart. He is the joy of our family. And we can’t even think about our life without him. According to my his naughty  twinkling eyes, his playful attitude are enough to make him win this competition.

Special Award – Pihu

About my girl ‘Pihu’:

Pihu is Two Year old girl. She came into our area on Diwali night scared from crackers. Other dogs were chasing her. She had a big wound on her hind leg. Since then she is with us become a part of  our family.

She is such a loving and calm kid. She wakes us in morning with kisses. She always wants to sit close to you. She loves to meet everyone in the park (human or dogs). Her life mantra is Eat..Play..Sleep…repeat..:).

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