By Piu Sur*

In the midst of number of releases, a film named 777 Charlie took cinephilesby surprise. It was the most beautiful journey of a lost Labrador and a factory worker living alone. For those who have watched the film, on screen or on the OTT platform, must have enjoyed it, irrespective of beinga dog lover or not.

Recently, I happened to look at its music videos on YouTube and while enjoying the song clips, Icould very well link to the sentiments that go into it. We tend to miss a lot of things while watching the film, but when we have time and go over the clips, werealize there is much more to itwhile smiling and laughing at the nuances of bonding with ourpet. You can relate to most of what you see on screen.

This is a film by popularfilmmaker RakshitShetty,originally in Kannada but dubbed in other languages. The music of the film has been composed and produced by NobinPaul. The songs have been dubbed in five languages and are of total length of 19.50min., under the label of ParamvahMusic Divo. Of all the songs, the ones that I could relate to the most were‘torture song’, ‘bonding song’, and ‘sahapati’.

The song ‘Sahapati’ has the most number of views because of the child who sings it; it talks of the bonding that children have with pets (in this case with Charlie). The child in the film named Adi, like most other children, was close to the Labrador and did everything for her – from discovering her in the park, bringing her back, playing with her to assisting incleaning and bathing the dog. In the film, we see Dharma, Adi, and Charlie going out on a bike for a ride.This is true to life as children have true love for pets and are very close to them.

‘The Torture Song’, as it is named,is hilarious as it simply shows how a small dog (here Charlie) can cause havoc in Dharma’s life. The nuances of adopting a young pet and having to share a room with it is very easy to relate to for all who have gone through this phase. Charlie refuses to eat pet food and eats when Dharma is not looking, excitedly jumps in front of the TV whenever she sees snow, barks at odd hours disturbing sleep, watches Dharma try to catch mice by herself not doing anything, sleeping in the most awkward fashion, catching the ball that bounces into its boundary, making a mess of the house when left alone, and worst of all,if not trained, pooping just where you stamp on it or run through an open door right on the streets. The song reminds you of all those crazy times your dog puts you through and you can add to that list.

The ‘Bonding Song’, as it is called, is just as we all pet lovers experience of the initial torture of having our private lives invaded. The song begins with Dharma carrying Charlie and riding with it on a scooter. We all love to travel with our pets who soon over time become our best companions.Adi loves to see the dog on her way to school and after. Dharma feels anxious to come back home to Charlie soon. The company of Charlie improves his efficiency at work and brings a smile on his face. There is a touching look on Charlie’s face asking for a cuddle or of concern. They no longer seem to irritate and disturb each other but live close day and night being the best cuddle buddies ever.Charlie catches a rat in the middle of the night and drops it on Dharma when asleep.When out, Charlie lies in the grass, refuses to come home, and loves to be clicked.

The songs bring a smile to your face and as you replay them over and over again, you see your pet as Charlie. From the time they walk into your life to the journey through life each day after day, there is just true love that grows and remains forever.Music springs to life and creates happy personal memories.

*Author is a Media Consultant/Media Educator/Educational Documentary filmmaker/Instructional Designer. Presently she is working independently as a consultant but has worked in the field of television production and later on the new media besides being guest faculty to share her experiences.

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