By Ragini Bhandari*

I have always been a dog person. My first interaction with one was soon after I was born. My grandparents dog Dexter (an Indian Spitz) was very attached to my mother, after sensing that she’s pregnant – would sleep by her feet, became more protective and stay close by her side and I also had a unique & special relationship, where he would be bark or run to mom when I would cry if she wasn’t around.

I grew up from being a toddler to a teenager with Princy and Pixie (German Shepherds) who have a special place in my heart. Buzoo entered in my life in 2015 & everything changed thereafter. He was 3 years old & I was in 3rd year of my law college – had decided to change my career line and not pursue a career in law after completion of the course.

It was a turning point in my life and Buzoo has always been there for me. I graduated, did the Professional Dog Training Course from Mumbai in 2018, trained Buzoo when he was 5.5 years old and broke the stereotype that dogs cannot be trained beyond a certain age.

I started Just Pawsible in November 2018 in Surat after training Buzoo. Today I am Surat’s first and only Certified Dog Trainer, also a Pet Baker.

Together as a team, Buzoo and I conduct Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) (which is basically a casual meet and greet that involves a therapy animal visiting people) in Preschools, Schools and Co-working spaces to create awareness on how to greet a dog, myths, responsibilities of getting home a pet, pets as a therapy, animals that are working across the globe as therapy animals – the difference it is making, lastly to aid healing + distress and for recreation. I truly believe,


*She is a Certified Dog Trainer & a Pet Baker who also runs Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) in various organisations like Pre-Schools, Co-working spaces, Ngo’s along with therapy dog Buzoo in Surat.


Buzoo has taught me valuable lessons and made me a better person.