Have you found someone who comes around once in a lifetime and completely changes everything? Someone that offers companionship and loves like no other person can; someone that fulfills the role of offering unconditional love. Okay, this sounds a bit filmy and melodramatic, but yes having the one who can instantly lift your mood, brighten every dull day, and wait for you at the door smiling every evening definitely makes life worth living. Anshul Jangra, Co-founder at OffBeat Marketing & Communication, got lucky by finding her companion in the form of an Indie dog.

It all dates back to 2019; Anshul and her husband were extending their contribution to Jivdaya Charitable Trust through running a marketing ad campaign for puppy adoption. One particular day, amidst the routine work, Anshul’s husband Shreeji saw a cute bunch of puppies playing around. But there was this one special puppy that caught his attention. A cute little one, extremely calm, silent, and moving his feet before plonking herself near him. Shreeji instantly clicked a picture and sent it to Anshul. And it was kind of love at first sight. They both were in awe of the innocence and cuteness of this Indie pup – Leila. They instantly welcomed Leila into their lives and home the exact same day, albeit in a fruit basket that was just perfect for her. With their love, Leila found her forever home.

Leila has developed an immensely strong bond with her adorable new family. Just like any other child, she is downright possessive and protective and just wouldn’t let anyone come even near Anshul. She had marked her territory, and dare anyone could even think of going closer to them. She happens to be very particular about things, which rubs off with her eating habits too. She is a very picky and choosy eater and has her own fixed routine. Furthermore, Leila simply loathes the word ‘NO’ except if her parents, Anshul and Shreeji, say so. At times, she can simply ignore you too. But above and beyond everything, Anshul and Shreeji just love their four-legged buddy!

Never even in her dreams did Anshul think that their lives would be transformed to such an extent & Leila will become a huge part of her life. It brought her and her family bundles of joy, happiness, and warmth. It felt as if they had found their canine soulmate.

Anshul is working towards bringing awareness that Indian pariah dogs are equally well suited for your home as any other breed. These innocent puppers are just as amazing, trustworthy, and loyal as any other dog breed and people need to break that cliche notion. Adopting Indie dogs is one of the best decisions one can make, and the story of Leila and Anshul is a testimony to that. In the coming years, let’s hope that people start adopting Indie-dogs, understand how important it is, and how they can truly create a difference in society with their one small decision. After all, the key to transformation is breaking the cliches. Fall in love with indie dogs and adopt them, they will never let you down.