Why these delicious, healthy, and profitable pet treats should be an integral part of your Go-to-Market Strategy.

Pet foods remain the gold standard and end goal for many pet businesses, big and small.

They consistently rake in the lion’s share of pet industry revenues and offer pet brands sustainable growth opportunities.

However, despite being lucrative, finding a simple and quick entry path into the pet foods segment can be challenging without a hefty investment. 

Private-labelled natural meat jerky treats for pets position themselves as a compelling solution.

Understanding Meat Jerky Treats

Like most pet food products, jerky treats are available at varied price ranges based on product quality.

There are two primary types of meat jerky treats – Economical and Premium.

As their classification suggests, the first difference between the two types is their cost.

Economical jerky treats are made with Mechanically-Deboned Meat, a processed-meat product which may include meat by-products and discards.

Using highly-processed ingredients like starches, glycerin, gelatin, synthetic flavours, and chemical preservatives is commonplace too.

On the other hand, premium meat jerky treats are made with only prime cuts of boneless meat.

The simple and high-quality nature of premium meat jerky treats yields superior palatability and substantial nutritional value.

They retail in the premium segment of the pet treats market and have garnered a loyal customer base over the years.

How Are Natural Meat Jerky Treats Made?

Making natural meat jerky treats is a relatively straightforward process.

At Innomalous, we dehydrate boneless  Chicken, Basa Fish, Tuna Fish, or Lamb fillets for over 24 hours in a precise, temperature-controlled air-drying chamber.

The drying cycle is carefully monitored and controlled by an AI-based algorithm. This algorithm is designed to yield perfectly crispy, flavour-dense, and healthy jerky treats, every time.

To add variety and interest, we offer over 50 natural toppings and marinade options that make our jerky treats unique and delectable.

These options include popular flavours like Peanut Butter Jerky, Flaxseed Jerky, Golden Jerky, Coconut Jerky, Hemp Jerky, Pizza Jerky, Applesauce Jerky, Blueberry Jerky, and Liver-Coated Jerky, among others.

Why Choose Natural Meat Jerky Treats?

Natural meat jerky treats are a simple product with many benefits to all parties involved- pets, pet parents, and pet brands.

Benefits of Natural Meat Jerky Treats for Pets

Pet treats have long been considered an excuse to feed pets nasty, poor-quality food items laden with synthetic and chemical additives.

Natural meat jerky treats challenge this ritual by offering high value to pets while being completely natural and made with only human-grade ingredients.

Jerkies are high-protein, low-calorie, hypoallergenic, and easy-to-digest treats for dogs and cats.

They are healthier than most available pet treat options by a mile.

Benefits of Natural Meat Jerky Treats for Pet Parents

Apart from eliminating the parental guilt of feeding junk to your fur baby, jerky treats are a versatile delicacy that pet parents can leverage plentifully.

Made with 100% meat, natural jerkies are high-value pet treats that parents can use for training and behaviour modification.

They can also be crushed and added to meals to boost protein and flavour.

Natural jerky treats are lightweight and mess-free, which makes them the ideal travel treat.

Watching your pet devour a healthy treat is one of the greatest satisfactions for a pet parent.

Benefits of Natural Meat Jerky Treats for Pet Brands

Meat jerky treats provide brands with a swift, healthy and profitable entry path into the Pet Food Industry. Innomalous simplifies and fast-tracks your jerky treats launch process even further.

No Product Development Cost

Our catalogue offers up to 200 unique meat jerky treat options. This wide range ensures something distinctive for everyone and reduces the high cost and time of product development.

Just pick and go.

Low Capital Investment

Partnering with a trusted manufacturer saves significant spending on infrastructure, machinery, and other fixed assets and liabilities.

Innomalous offers Natural Meat Jerky Treats at nominal Minimum Order Quantities to make starting up comfortable for all.

Doing away with your upfront investment reduces the risk of perishable dead stock. It also allows for easy assessment and pivoting if needed.

At the same time, Innomalous is a robust manufacturing backbone for you to rely upon.

Our enterprise-grade production capabilities offer you the freedom to scale without concerns about production keeping up with your growth.

Fast-Moving Product

Pet treats are a fast-moving category in general. The highly palatable nature of natural meat jerky treats gives them a further edge.

A private survey we conducted earlier this year discovered that nearly 40% of pet parents purchase two or more packets of jerky treats in a single order.

This statistic is further supported by the results our client brands have seen with their sales of jerky treat bundle packs.

When marketed well, premium natural jerky treats are a hot-selling product.

Sustainable Product Margins

As the natural pet foods market continues to grow, the product margins grow steadily too.

When retailed at market-standard rates, natural meat jerky treats offer brands rewarding margins and can pave their way to success.

Naturally High Shelf-Life

Over time, Innomalous has optimised its jerky processing to achieve a high 12 to 18-month shelf-life on its products without any added preservatives.

This shelf-life gives brands sufficient time to get a foothold and establish their presence in the initial months without the risk of product wastage.

Demonstrate Brand Values & Garner Loyalty

The 2023 pet parent cares about the values of the brands they associate with.

A no-compromises attitude is essential for pet brands that aim to withstand the test of time.

Natural meat jerky treats are a premium product that delivers a premium experience. Their high palatability ensures an even better experience for pet parents.

This first impression can start you on the right foot and build a long, rewarding relationship with your customer base.

Leverage The Expertise Of A Seasoned Manufacturing Partner

Over the last seven years, Innomalous has manufactured jerky treats for several successful D2C brands like Pawcrafted, Brunos Wild Essentials, Doofyballs, Furrmeals, Happy Puppy Organics, Petsy, TailBlaze, and more.

Our partner brands enjoy not only superior product quality and consistency but also valuable insight and advice when needed.

Innomalous is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of pet food, pet treats, and novel pet edibles.

Their clients include industry-leading modern pet brands like DawgieBowl, Petsy, Furrmeals, Brunos Wild Essentials, Poochles, Happy Puppy Organics, and more.

Visit innomalous.com to start your winning journey in the pet food industry today!

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