Through Telepathic Animal Communication

By Shilpaa Chogle*

That night, as I walked in my house after attending a course in Animal Communication, I saw my tortoise Mehru awake, which was unusual. As soon as my daughter opened the balcony sliding doors, he straight came to me. Since I had newly learned telepathic animal communication, I thought of telepathically asking him why was he awake that late and got a reply from him that he was hungry. Just to validate the information I had received, I checked with my daughter when did he eat. To my surprise and her shock, she jumped out of her chair saying she forgot to feed him. As soon as she fed him, he slept within the next five minutes. And that was the beginning of my journey as a Telepathic Animal Communicator!

Telepathy means ‘feeling, perception, experience’ through a distance without using any physical interaction. Telepathic Animal Communication encompasses a transaction of feelings, intentions, thoughts, and sensations. Animals can communicate and speak to you in the language you speak. So it doesn’t matter if you speak in English or French. Humans can receive telepathic messages based on their capacity to tune in and to listen without any prejudices. Since I am a Spiritual Life Coach, a Telepathic Animal Communicator, and a Healer, I work with energy and consciousness; for me it happens through visions/pictures and energetic sensations. The last three years, as a professional Telepathic Animal Communicator, have been a roller coaster ride in the form of animals sharing their love life to their death day with me. And experiencing all of this, I have evolved.

Every human has the telepathic muscle and can build that muscle by practising sending and receiving messages telepathically. The only hurdle you can face during communication is your ability to trust yourselves. When one learns to trust oneself and be receptive, the information that animal shares with you flows. Animals are sensitive towards the energy, which is projected to them in the form of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and intentions. When people are unaware of their thoughts and mental–emotional energy, it gets them occupied in judgments, evaluations and analyses of the other, which can lead to confusion or distortion in communication. Learning how to communicate telepathically includes working on your own energy and be present in the moment. In a way, telepathic communication teaches us to be calm and peaceful. Through telepathic communication, one can experience oneness and can understand interdependence with all sentient beings.

I have had incredible experiences with animals during telepathic communication. A Shih-Tzu, with whom I have been consistently communicating for the whole of last year, has told me how each member of her family has a different personality, and how daughter must learn to love herself and make herself a priority. Then, during one of the communications, she shared how she loved another dog in same building; I was amused at her love story. And recently, she gave a list of food items that she would like to eat. Its human mother validated next day that she absolutely loved that food and enjoyed eating. On a sombre note, one of the communications that I did was with a dog who was very sick and was suffering. His family wanted to put him down to give him relief from pain. When I communicated, he asked to wait for a while because it’s almost the time. Then he also guided the family to stop its treatment and conveyed that he had only two more days left. Exactly two days later, the human parent let me know that he passed away. It was surreal! When I had received message about two days, I was in a little doubt; my intellect was saying how can he give exact number of days but then I decided to trust the message that came and it did happen. That was another milestone for me to stay calm and confident about the information passed by an animal and to know that this too can happen.

Telepathic communication has been a humbling and healing experience. We, as pet parents or as humans with nature all around us, think that we can talk to animals but question is do we listen? As a professional telepathic communicator, my purpose of practising and teaching telepathic communication is to help humans experience the amazing connection with their lovable pets and to listen to their wishes and desires.

Telepathic animal communication does help us to understand animals better and have a conversation with them. This also implies learning animal communication doesn’t mean that pet parents can make animals listen to whatever they say but issues can be resolved when a parent knows why his pet is behaving in a particular way. While it does open doors for a pet parent to have a dialogue with his pet, humans must remember that just like them, animals also have a free will.

Telepathic animal communication can be used to comfort animals when they are sick or injured and hear what they feel. I also do animal healing during such times, which helps them physically as well as emotionally. Some are brave and some are scared. There are times when animals also undergo trauma or feel anxious when their human leaves them and goes away for longer duration. In such circumstances, telepathic communication helps to let that pet know in advance all the forthcoming changes in its schedule. Telepathic animal communication is a blessing to find out if a pet is comfortable or needs any help especially when it is nearing the end of his life. It is also possible to communicate with animals in their afterlife. I have had pet parents asking me to communicate with their pets just to know their perspective about a particular aspect of humans’ life. It’s truly a delight to hear their views. The best thing is pet parents can use telepathic animal communication to have a general conversation with their pets about food or how they feel physically and emotionally.

As a professional telepathic animal communicator and a healer, I offer interactive fostering sessions that help a pet family to understand pets’ perspective and find solutions that will be beneficial to both of them.

Magic of telepathic communication shifts our beliefs; it teaches us to move from separateness to oneness. Our life truly shifts if we listen to what our pets speak because they do speak reality and we can hear them through telepathic animal communication.

*Author is a Happiness Coach and Educator certified from the Berkeley University of Wellbeing, California. She is a Transformational Spiritual Life Coach, a Healer and Arts based Therapist. She is a professional Telepathic Animal Communicator and does personal consultations with pet parents as well as hold workshops to teach telepathic animal communication. She can be reached at shilpaachogle@gmail.com. Visit her website at www.shilpaachogle.com

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