Discover the evolving role of Pet Influencers in the realm of pet care and their impact on pet parents’ lives. Explore how experts, trainers, and service providers in the Indian Pet Industry are reshaping pet care through digital platforms. Learn about key figures like Meera Thosar, Andrea Cyrill Khurana, and Sagar Gwalani, who are making significant contributions to pet welfare and education

Influencers have garnered a stage presence over the years and their impact is almost immediate. “Influencers” in the Pet Care realm has a redefined concept and is associated with individuals working in platforms that generate direct support for pet parents and pet owners. The pet groomers, trainers, helpers, service providers, and platform owners redirect their work to ease off the pressures on pet parents, all encompassed under the collective notion of Pet Influencers. These individuals have come through as rescuers for pets over the years and are continuing to expand their platforms to inspire a generation of pet owners.

Indian Pet Industry Dialogue (IPID), being held on 4th August, 2023 at The Park New Delhi from 9 AM to 6 PM, is an event of India International Pet Trade Fair, that will host a discussion that provides a forum for deliberate discussions on the nuances of the Indian Pet Industry. The dialogue involves experienced individuals in the industry sharing their take on the future, obstacles, and hope for the industry, all in all calling for a space for better solutions to Pet Problems in India. One of the segments would host Pet Influencers with a plethora of skills who are making a persistent effort in improving industry conditions. Here are some individuals who are continuously doing their part in helping the industry: 

Meera Thosar, Founder Happy Tails: Meera Thosar is a dedicated and passionate Dog Behavior Specialist who is rooted in the world of Pet Services. Her expertise lies in various aspects of canine care, including Dog Aggression, Board and Train, Dog Swimming, and Dog Training. As the Canine Trainer & Behaviorist at Happy Tails, Pune – a premium pet boarding facility – Meera’s commitment to her craft is evident in everything she does.

From a young age, Meera formed a deep bond with animals, fueling her purpose to help as many furry creatures as possible. Fearlessly working with various creatures, from snakes to birds, and even a leopard cub, she honed her skills in understanding canine psychology, behaviour modification techniques, and positive training methods. Her experience and dedication have earned her titles as a respected Dog Trainer, Behavior Counselor, and Dog Aggression Specialist in India. 

In 2010, Meera took a significant step forward by creating her dream venture, Happy Tails, a sanctuary where dogs and their owners find solace, support, and effective solutions. As the Founder and CEO, she leads her team with tireless dedication, instilling in them the same passion and commitment that drives her journey. Through unwavering dedication, Meera has positively impacted the lives of over 5000 dogs, leaving a lasting impression on the community and fulfilling her childhood dream with love and understanding. Her holistic approach and unwavering commitment truly make her a driving force in enhancing the quality of life for our beloved four-legged friends.

Andrea Cyrill Khurana, Founder President of PPGAI (Professional Pet Groomers Association India): Andrea Cyrill Khurana is an enthusiatic, thoughtful, and extremely talented Grooming Expert who is the Founder of Pittsburgh, Founder and President PPGAI, Principal PIGA, India. As a pioneer of new culture and trends in India, she had to learn her tools and skills from elsewhere. She learned her skills and got experience from Australia. Followed by this, she started India’s first Mobile Pet Grooming Van in 2008. It ran for about 7-8 years, post which Pittsburgh took off. Ever since, she has been actively training people, teaching grooming everywhere she possibly can. She witnessed the gap in the market and actively worked towards doing her part and continues to be a trail blazer in the Pet Grooming Industry. She has been in multiple places from the US to Europe, learning new techniques and spreading her wisdom and insights into individuals through workshops, seminars, and live settings, providing tools on how to groom pets through all the challenges that are presented in grooming. She has a strong presence and uses her passion to actively carve out space to address and learn the importance of grooming and implement that in one’s pet’s routine. She is always on the go, hosting seminars and workshops, teaching effective and doable techniques to pet parents on how to groom their pets.

Sagar Gwalani, Founder of Pettle: Sagar Gwalani is the Founder of Pettle, which offers software solutions to Pet Businesses. He is also a full-time dog parent and a part-time podcast host at Pets Central Podcast. He is a Business Development and Marketing professional who has built and scaled new business verticals, specifically strategic partnerships and marketing, opening up significant revenue stems and/or establishing brand awareness and credibility through PR, social media marketing, content, and more. As a pet parent, he is filling in the void in the Pet space by actively carving out solutions for pets and pet parents. From his podcast space to his business, he is always out and about providing the duality of his resources and a platform. He constantly engages in tools, and resources to better the pet space alongside offering other professionals and pet influencers the platform to showcase their knowledge and help pet parents across. His drive and helpful nature have opened doors for pet solutions to be actively implemented in the pet sphere.

The Need for Pet Influencers 

One of the many perks of social media is the accessibility to information. In the Pet care realm, it is widely useful as it is filling in the gap that existed between the confusion and set products and services in the market. There are individuals specialised in Dog training, grooming, behaviour, and so much more that they offer their expertise online. This is handy and resourceful for pet parents who cannot always afford a veterinary visit or run around to other pet parents for the queries they have in mind. Today, so many influencers often tools and techniques that can be implemented in a pet’s daily routine and this does not stop at dogs. A vast number of pet influencers are present in the market who try to cast their network as wide as possible and cover a diverse range of animals based on the set influencer’s expertise. While veterinary care is crucial and irreplaceable, this new room that brings availability, reassurance, and help to pet parents is an absolute must. The day-to-day struggles being addressed and answered by individuals who have gathered knowledge in this field over the years reduces the stress among pet parents and make their job easier.


Pet Influencers have woven their way into our hearts with their efforts, dedication, and competence that they share with everyone across to make life easier for pets and parents. While social media is filled with information and can be overwhelming, it is always best to look for individuals and organisations that are credible and curate that space accordingly. It is a great place to start and can do wonders in the lives of pet parents, offering life hacks that they can incorporate into their daily lives.

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