How Innomalous Unleashes Their Vision for Revolutionizing Pet Care Innomalous, led by Abhishek Agarwal, stands as a trailblazer in the pet industry, seamlessly merging innovation with integrity.

This interview delves into Innomalous’ evolution, sustainability commitment, groundbreaking products, and strategic guidance for entrepreneurs in the dynamic pet industry.

Q: Can you share the evolution of your journey, transitioning from leading DawgieBowl to establishing Innomalous?

In 2016, we launched DawgieBowl to bring to market genuinely healthy and natural pet food. As pioneers in this category, DawgieBowl’s growth provided profound insights into the rapid expansion of the segment. 

When the need for an expanded manufacturing setup emerged, we contemplated outsourcing to a third-party manufacturer. However, we discovered that most pet food manufacturers had yet to embrace the natural movement. 

Given our commitment to unwavering standards in raw materials, processing, ethics, and sustainability—the very essence that distinguished us—we opted to retain manufacturing control. 

So, we invested in a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Noida. The natural extension of this capability to others in our position gave rise to Innomalous’ white-labeling initiative. 

Today, we collaborate with diverse brands to help them white-label their range of natural products. We are united by strong values, a passion for pets, and a shared dedication to providing nothing but the best.

Q: How would you describe the evolution of the pet food industry, and what strategies has Innomalous employed to align with these changes? 

Over the last decade, the pet industry has undergone a transformative shift propelled by a change in consumer mindset towards becoming “pet parents.” 

The industry is a prime example of consumer-driven change, where pet parents actively educate themselves about their pets’ nutritional needs. 

At Innomalous, we have been pioneering this change for the past seven years. Rather than merely adapting, we have consistently been at the forefront, anticipating and celebrating the positive response from pet parents.

Q: How does technology contribute to Innomalous’s manufacturing processes and product quality improvement? 

We see technology as a force multiplier. 

Our current setup greatly leverages advanced tech like AI & ML. We employ sensors and communication devices to monitor our processes. 

The data collected is analyzed to provide practical production insights thus creating a continuous improvement loop. 

This approach has contributed to ensuring consistent quality, and cost optimization, and makes our products more sustainable than competitors.

Q: How does Innomalous address sustainability, and how do you envision contributing to the larger movement toward conscious business practices? 

Sustainability is not a challenge but a guiding principle at Innomalous. 

We prioritise local vendors, optimise energy, manage waste responsibly, and adopt utilitarian packaging. 

Intentional decision-making, coupled with technology, ensures our processes are sustainable. 

Our commitment to ethics includes ensuring safe working conditions, fair wages, and responsible sourcing. 

We lead by example, envisioning a future where D2C brands follow our sustainable standards, making conscious practices the industry norm.

Q: How does Innomalous serve as a dependable private-labelling partner to numerous brands in the Indian pet industry? 

Innomalous is a robust private-labelling partner, guided by integrity and transparency. 

We extend beyond typical client interactions, offering collaborative brainstorming sessions and proactive guidance. 

Our success is deeply intertwined with the success of all our partners and clients. In the interest of a fruitful symbiotic relationship, we invest heavily in making the winning journey easier for our clients. 

This assurance helps partner brands enter the industry confidently and grow exponentially.

Q: How does Innomalous debunk the myth that truly good, natural pet foods are not economically viable at scale? 

At Innomalous, making natural pet foods economically viable involves a multi-pronged approach.

We reduce the initial capital investment for brands, enhance product performance and palatability, standardize features, extend shelf-life, and optimise performance through technology. 

These deliberate changes ensure that natural pet foods are market-ready and scalable.

Q: What are Innomalous’ plans for growth and expansion in the pet industry? 

We have never planned every step in our journey. Our focus has always been on offering consumers the best, and that is what we will continue to do. 

Currently, we are exploring partnerships with international brands to position India as a leader in pet food manufacturing.

Q: Lastly, what advice do you have for entrepreneurs considering entering the pet industry, especially in India? 

For aspiring entrepreneurs, my advice is concise. 

Firstly, start. The opportune moment is now, the potential is vast, the grass is green, and partners like us are ready to welcome you. 

Establish your value system—prioritize quality, ethics, and the well-being of pets. 

Lastly, never lose sight of the big picture. While a well-backed “industry disruptor” may create a splash, lasting revolutions happen consciously, intentionally, and sustainably. Running your venture like a marathon and not a sprint is perfectly fine.

As we conclude our conversation with Innomalous, it is evident that this is not merely a company—it is a movement. 

With a steadfast commitment to innovation, integrity, and a genuine love for pets, Innomalous paves the way for a future where pet care transcends boundaries. 

As the industry evolves, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Innomalous’ journey—a journey driven by a passion for pets and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


Innomalous is India’s leading private-label manufacturer & exporter of natural pet foods, treats, supplements & other novel edibles for pets. 

With a wide selection of high-quality products in their catalogue, enterprise-grade production capabilities, startup-friendly MOQs & pricing, Innomalous is the pet industry’s favourite manufacturing partner. 

Visit to know more.

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