Wiggles India, Pune*

Diligent team of Wiggles proffers Wiggles Boxes & Vet on call services. Wiggles Boxes are special customized team of experienced,in-house veterinarian housing aids for pet services and animal charitable organisations.

1 Tell us about the Wiggles. How did you start this firm and who is the inspiration behind it?
Wiggles stands for premium pet care and wellness! Founded by a team of passionate pet lovers, Wiggles is a commercial entity established to do personal good for your furry buddies. How was Wiggles born? The answer is simple! After observing the pitiful conditions of pets and strays alike, we wanted to serve them in the noblest way. This is what we do now with the grace of our loyal investors, customers and other supporters.
Incumbent businesses in the pet-care sector are excessively B2B focused and fail to precisely comprehend the animal needs. Wiggles, with an aim to positively transform the pet-care scenario, is India’s first monthly preventive healthcare subscription box that takes perfect care of the pet’s medical and nutritional needs.

2 What are the major services you provide and which cities have you covered so far?
Team Wiggles enthusiastically offers ‘Wiggles Box’ and ‘Vet on Call’ services. Wiggles Boxes are tailor-made by a team of experienced, in-house veterinarian covering preventive action against several avoidable ailments. As a customer, you will never miss out on the pet’s supplement dosage, thanks to Wiggles’ personalized alerts! Wiggles Boxes are available throughout India. Wiggles’ Vet on Call provides veterinarian assistance in the convenience of home. Appointments for pets can be booked on call and website. Vet on Call has been launched in Pune and will be launched in Mumbai and the National Capital Region (NCR) shortly .

3 What is the medium of online or offline selling? How do customers connect with you?
We sell both online as well as offline! Our Wiggles Boxes can be ordered through the website while bookings for Vet on Call can be made through the website and contact number. Our website is www.wiggles.in and contact number is +91 8431620000.

4 What is Wiggle Box? Tell us more about it.
Wiggles Boxes are tailor-made by a team of in-house veterinarian covering preventive action against numerous avoidable ailments. Never miss the pet’s supplement dosage with personalized alerts coming on your phone. Reminders will help in monitoring the loved one’s health on regular basis.

5 Does Wiggles support any NGO or any animal welfare charity-based club?
Wiggles is highly inspired by Blue Cross, an animal welfare charitable organisation, helping sick, injured and homeless pets.

6 What is the range of your consultancy charges?
For our Vet on Call services, the consultancy charges per pet starts at INR 300. If a pet parent has multiple pets, the prices will vary accordingly.

7 How many customers you have catered to so far?
Wiggles has successfully served over 200 plus customers through its online and offline platforms.

8 What makes you unique among the existing veterinary care ventures in the market?
Pet care has never been so personalised and customised! Wiggles provides tailored Wiggles Boxes which are curated based on the pet’s breed, age, health conditions and other important factors. The Wiggles Boxes contain antiparasitic medicines, nutritional products and essential vitamins for your canine or feline. Another unique offering is the ‘Vet on Call’ service which is all about veterinary assistance in the comfort of your home. Pet parents just need to call the support line or drop an email for scheduling an appointment as per the pet parent’s convenience. Our services are simple, affordable and convenient for pet parents!

9What is your past experience before starting this company? What is your opinion about the social media and its importance in business?
Along with me, the founders of Wiggles viz. Rajh V Iyer, Anushka Iyer, Venky Mahadevan, Nachikhet Despande, Risshee Tanduulwadkar and Sathya Radhakrishnan – have witnessed the distressing conditions in which animals exist in India. Be it pets or strays. Owning a dog is treated as a status symbol in our society but parenting them is not really looked into. This is heart-wrenching! With the sole motive of improving the health conditions of animals, Wiggles came into existence. Petcare is a relatively new field in India and we want to devotedly concentrate on it.

Social media is extremely important in today’s technology savvy world. People are more updated through social media than even the news. Social Media is a vital tool for any brand to engage and interact with their audience with an emphasis on community creation. Our social media strategy has always focused on striking a chord with pet parents and pet owners and shedding light on the importance of pet healthcare in today’s world.

10 What code of conduct do you swear by?
Petcare, petcare and petcare! That is what we profoundly believe in and walk our talk. Wiggles is an altruistic brand and we will always be the same.

11 What do you believe is the general attitude of the new pet parents towards their pets.
Pet parents in India are gradually becoming more aware about pet healthcare than ever before. This is a good sign! We wish to simplify pet healthcare like never before. Preventive healthcare is our path and we strive to make pets healthier and happier in this journey!