Our ‘Pet of the Month’ Oreo is someone who changes forms like a Chameleon – sometimes an adorable golden wonder and sometimes a professional dog model, sometimes a cute innocent pup who amazes his parents with his antics and sometimes an impeccable dog influencer who makes people’s lives joyful. Let’s learn more about him from his mommy Sonali… 

When did Oreo come into your life?

Oreo is our 19 months Old English Cream Golden retriever who is the centre of our little world.

He is super friendly, obedient yet naughty doggo who makes everyone smile with his presence. He loves chimken, swimming, car rides, sunglasses, and of course his hoomans. He loves scratches and treats in exchange of wonderful poses he gives, which have made him adoginfluencer and a dog model for renounced brands in pet industry. 

I remember the day when finally I got my OREO in my hand.

Reason was simple –I had really waited for him my whole life. He is my childhood dream. 

I met my furbaby on Facebook (Fb).

I always wanted a puppy when I was a kid… but like most of the Indian moms, my mom also said… “pehletumlog to pal  jao” 

So that time didn’t come sooner until I shifted to Bangalore with my husband. My husband and I both love to see cute puppy or cute animal videos. One day, I was scrolling down my Fb feed, where we saw some posts about pups’ availability. We always admired Golden retrievers for their happy and beautiful nature so we couldn’t stop and started thinking of having one.  We couldn’t easily make our mind because of our busy office life and also thinking about how we would leave him home alone when we would go to office every day.

After 3 months of rigorous considerations on how we will manage, we finally decided to do this. We again started looking for Golden pup and that’s where we saw OREO’s picture; it was love at first sight. We brought him home; it was the most special moment that brought tears of happiness in my eyes. I remember taking him in my hands when he embraced me in his little arms like I was the one he was waiting for.

I had never felt so warm and emotional ever earlier in my life! 

What do you generally feed him? 

We feed Oreowith a mix of kibble as well as fresh food. Oreo loves boiled chicken and fresh little warn food. Thus, we make sure in one meal he eats his kibble(without forcing him) and one meal is freshly cooked by me. In fresh food, we give him variety everyday using vegetables, eggs, chicken, rice, ragi roti, and vegetable idli. Curd is something we swear by and include it in almost all the meals he has and in sometimes snack too.

What is Oreo’s daily routine? 

His routine is simple like other doggos. Walk at 7 am, breakfast at 8:30 am, 30min. playtime, rest, again walk at 6 pm, Snack – curd+fruits, play, rest, dinner between 8–9pm depending on when he feels hungry. He communicates well with us.

What kind of bond does Oreo share with you and your family? 

Oreo to me and my husband is our first child and he will forever be our darling child! 

To our family, it’s mixed, though everyone loves him. Not everyone had experienced life with dogs earlier like us, so not everyone is comfortable all the time, though they have started loving him seeing him everyday in some or the other way.  We visited our parents in January this year with Oreo; they loved him and want him again to come with us. 

We are again planning another visit soon to grow their bond with Oreo more and more. 

How do you like to spend time with Oreo? 

We make sure we play with him and be around him all the time when at home. 

We go on car rides to have family time and visit dog parks so he can socialize with them in positive way. 

For festivals or long trips, we try to take him with us so that we can get more time together to cherish the moments. When we did first train journey with OREO, it was amazing. We would do more soon and now forever. 

The only time he is alone is when we are at office, which is almost 8–9 hours daily. The good thing is we knew this day would come and so we trained him to stay alone for such long hours without any anxiety. 

For all rest of the time, we are busy taking his pictures and videos. Recently, Oreo has been featured in ‘Times of India’ Bangalore and also Ahmedabad news papers. He was also featured in leading pet care magazines like Creature Companion and DogsNPups. We had started our journey the very next day Oreo  came home and from then he has done around 50+ brand collaborations with brands like Captain Zack, Himalaya Companion Care, Head Up For Tails,  JustDogs, PapaPawsome, Hempstrol Global , Crownvet, Dr.GoelHomeopathy, and ofcourse with many budding small businesses in the pet industry domain. He has worked with petfed, wagon, and has participated in some pet awareness campaigns too.  

We hope to see him grow more with all the great blessings from the world he is receiving day by day. We feel grateful to share this small story and hope to get more and more love from the world going forward! 

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