OriHeal Lifesciences Pvt Ltd was conferred with ‘Most Promising Pharmaceutical Company for Companion Animals’ by International Healthcare Pride Awards 2021. Creature Companion magazine congratulates Dr Vishal Sharma, Founder, OriHeal. The Magazine had an interaction with him to find out his secrets of building such a powerful brand.

1. How do you feel being awarded Most Promising Pharmaceutical Company?

First of all, we feel honoured to have received the Award and thank all jury members for choosing us. I attribute this to my wife and my team who have stood with me in good and not so good times.

2. When did you start OriHeal? How has been the journey so far?

As a Vet I used to use many home remedies and herbal extracts for pet’s treatment which are quite safe and highly effective like Eucalyptus Oil for Maggots wound or Tea Tree Oil for external parasites like Ticks & Fleas. In 2007, Tick Fever cases began to rise in North India and many patients died due to low platelets count. That time I started using ashwagandha & giloy for platelet improvement along with traditional treatment protocol and got wonderful results. I saved more than 200 cases that year. My pursuit for herbal products for some deadly diseases started. I founded Oriheal Lifesciences on 15 June 2011. Since then we have developed many herbal formulations for kidney, liver, skin disorders, low immunity related serious issues in pets. We also developed a few safest ayurvedic formulations for fever, pain, cough,digestion and growth related problems.

We started using herbal extracts for pet’s grooming products such as shampoos, powders, dry bath & foam bath etc. with excellent results.

Initially, it was hard for us to convince veterinarians and clients that even herbal formulations can cure such deadly diseases such as chronic kidney failure, canine atopic disorders or tick fever. However, gradually they realised the effectiveness of the products with zero side effects. Currently we are present in 16 states of India with a dedicated marketing team and distribution network in place.

The biggest satisfaction of my life is when I see patients recovering from deadly diseases with the help of our medicines.

3. What are your product range? What are the sales channel?

We have fifty (50) unique products in different healthcare segments such as Herbal Medicines like Ultramax, Nephrocare Advanced, Livocare Ultra Vet DS, Dermapure etc; Pharmaceutical Medicines, Nutritional Food Supplements and Grooming Solutions.

Company also manufactures designer and safest clothes for Pets from Germfree and non-allergic fabrics under the brand name “ WUFF-WUFF “.

We sell through more than 2000 Veterinary Clinics and Retailers. We have availability of products details on our website i.e. www.oriheal.com , we keep on sharing our knowledge on social media platforms like facebook and instagram.

4. How many SKUs do you have? What is your plan for the launch of new products?

Company has almost 100 SKUs right now. A lot more products are in the pipeline.
Recently, we launched our Vet Essential Medicines (VEM Range).
We are coming up with more herbal medicines for Cardiac and Dermatological disorders. The company is also working to develop a wide range of herbal grooming products for both Dogs and Cats under Wuff-Wuff brand.

5. Can you share your experience of veterinary practice in India in regard to its growth and expertise?

Veterinary practice is continuously growing in India. Now 24 hours veterinary speciality hospitals are available in most of the metro cities where all advance facilities regarding treatment, ultrasound, X-ray, ECG, advanced surgeries are available. Recently, a private hospital planted a pacemaker in Dog’s heart which is the best example of growth in veterinary practice in India.

India is one of the most populated countries in the world. Pet Parenting has indeed risen and more people are adopting pets.

And why not, these furry friends are wonderful to be with. It is believed that companion animals help to instil empathy, care and compassion in children.

6. What are your thoughts on the dynamic and ever changing Indian pet industry? Where do you see the industry in five years?

We have witnessed revolutionary changes in the pet industry in the last few years. The Indian Pet Industry is growing faster than countries like U.S. & European markets. I believe in the next 5 years we will be at par with international standards in terms of therapeutics & pet products.

7. Do you manufacture products yourself or is it sourced?

All our herbal products are manufactured at our state of art manufacturing facility at Rai Industrial Area, Sonipat, Haryana. I believe we may not get desired quality products if they are manufactured in some other facility. I am 100% sure about standard & quality of my products as I am involved at each stage of product development.

8. Your message to new pet start-ups?

The industry is growing and it is a good space for new ideas. Your concept or product should solve pet parents challenges.

9. Your learnings of Covid 19.

Life is highly unpredictable so be kind to others. Our stray animals are also part of our society and they are also our responsibility so in such difficult times we should help them as they are totally dependent on us. Always save some money for such difficult times. Life is not worth it if you are living only for yourself. Be kind.

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