With several millennials and Gen Z becoming ‘pet parents’ and spending more time with their pets during the pandemic-induced lockdowns, the rate of new pet adoptions has boomed and there is a lot of curiosity among prospective pet owners about caring for their pet babies. Some of them are first time pet parents or have taken up sole responsibility of another living being for the first time in their life.

 Considering that pets, dogs in particular, have been such a pillar of strength that have kept us smiling through such unprecedented circumstances, it is only fair to seek ways of providing them better care. It can be our small way of attempting to reciprocate the unconditional love they shower on us. While every pet parent holds full potential to nurture their babies and give them the best care, we have curated a list of the most common concerns that first time pet parents face while bringing up these naturally lovable creatures:

We don’t want them to be sick…..No Way!

Pets are exposed to all kinds of viruses at dog gatherings and some diseases may also be transferred to them via humans. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to use separate brushes, collars, bowls, bedding while petting or handling infected pets. Dogs can be affected by a virus and possibly show no signs of illness, which means an apparently healthy dog can still infect other dogs. Some of the most common diseases amongst pets are canine distemper and canine parvovirus which are highly contagious. It is suggested that the pets are vaccinated and taken immediately to a vet in case of a fever, runny eyes, seizures or paralysis.

External parasites, such as ticks, fleas and mange, are fairly common dog problems., There are many products available that can help soothe the skin of pets and help prevent such diseases, as they come with hydrating elements, which also provides itch relief, preserves detangling, and homes hypoallergenic relief elements that help preserve a healthy coat amongst pets apart from other health benefits. For the best products, you can consider the Lozallo shampoo that comes in many variants to solve your dog’s particular problem.

Okay! But what should we feed them?

As a species, the dog is a member of the scientific order Carnivora, a large group of mammalian animals that share a similar tooth structure. The dietary needs of animals belonging to this order vary, but a combination of plant and animal foods, serves their nutritional needs. It is important to know that dogs have different nutritional needs at different stages of life and feeding them according to their life stage is recommended by nutritionists for their overall well-being. Every pet parent attempts to provide the best products that they can afford. However, it is crucial to read labels while selecting products for your dog. While selecting the food items, one should ensure that it has important nutrients to keep your pets healthy and active. One should always select diets with real, recognizable, whole-food ingredients and avoid items that have a majority of unfamiliar listed ingredients.

Play Play Play!

Physical exercise is important to prevent many behavioral and medical problems amongst dogs. Parents can split the hour of activity into 3-4 smaller spurts of fun by going on a walk or playing throw-ball. Creating a stimulating environment with several types of toys will also help keep the dog in shape. Along with physical exercise, it is important to practice mental exercise as well. The more we provide our pets with mental activities, the less likely they will develop undesirable behaviors. Veterinarians suggest practicing basic obedience (sit, stay, down) once or twice daily for 10 minutes to ensure obedience amongst dogs.

Get Regular Vaccinations

Pets need to be vaccinated regularly to make sure their healthy and playful. This can be against diseases such as rabies, distemper, feline leukemia, and canine hepatitis. The frequency of immunization depends on their age, lifestyle, health, and risks so one needs to be in regular contact with their vet to ensure their pet is fit and fine. Another aspect is deworming your pet in a few months to avoid any internal and external parasites.  

An enriched environment can work wonders

An enriched environment is another key to the long-term health and welfare of your pet. Pets need mental stimulation which may mean daily walks, and scratching posts, beach visits, window perches, and toys. Play time is essential as it not only keeps your pet’s muscles toned and boredom away, it also strengthens your bond with your furry babies.

 With these tips, you’ll be able to help your beloved pet lead a better and happier life. And if you’re still contemplating whether or not to add a dog as a new member to your family, consider this to be a sign to #AdoptDontShop and bring a bundle of joy to your home!

 *Courtesy Rossari

7. Special Access

The instant interaction capability of Status means the pet business can provide special access to events it is holding and send a live feed. If the pet business has a special person or a celebrity who has visited and made a purchase, this can be immediately shared as news with audience. And such updates actually receive good engagement. Just imagine Alia Bhatt being on the pet business status as a customer for her cats!

8. Product Demonstration

Whether the pet business makes its products or just sells them as a retailer, it can demo them on Status and let the group know when any new item is available in its inventory. Very small videos such as making of a cat litter or new treats available for pets with some unique quality are apt examples. Even if the customer doesn’t need these particular products today – knowing they are available, what they can do, and how to use them – he will definitely keep the products and the pet business on top of his mind whenever he needs them in future.

9. Giveaways

The pet business can have weekly, monthly, or even daily giveaways to bring footfalls to its store or visitors to its website. Since WhatsApp is free, the only cost of such promotions is for promotional products or services such dog treats, small cat toys, or fish food etc., which are to be given away. This considerably lowers marketing overheads of any pet business.

10. Collaboration/Partnership with Influencers

By collaborating with nearby businesses and partnering with influencers from pet industry, the pet business increases the number of groups to which it belongs. They need not to be in the same industry. But with Status, the pet business can become part of all these conversations. Even if members of other groups aren’t interested in its products or services, there is a chance that they might mention you in conversations on WhatsApp or other social media platforms.

WhatsApp, as a communication tool, continues to evolve and add more features in future. It is a resourceful platform that enables you to send files, images, and short video clips about your products and services. But the key to using WhatsApp effectively is to avoid abusing relationship you have built with your audience. Measurement of interaction is absolutely necessary to make sure that each message you send has value. The key is to not make every message a sales message.

WhatsApp is turning to be more valuable than ever for businesses. Using it to provide valuable engagement with audience, for learning more about customers’ needs, and as a way of spreading word about your brand are actually the optimum ways to get benefit from it. 

*Author is the only Marketing Consultant in India who helps Pet Businesses to reach out to more and more people for business growth. He also runs Petopedia, the World’s First WhatsApp Daily Pet Magazine for sharing pet related information to Pet Parents. He can be reached out on 9820270247 or samgudhate@gmail.com.

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