Regular veterinary check-ups are essential for maintaining our beloved pet’s health and well-being. Let us explore the benefits of keeping track of your pet’s health.

Early detection of potential health issues: The most significant reason behind early detection is to diagnose any potential health issues in the first stage. Like humans, early detection and treatment for pets also minimise serious health problems, making a huge difference. For instance, if a pet has a severe illness such as cancer, early detection can boost the chances of successful treatment with a positive outcome.

Vaccinations and regular check-ups: Vaccinations and regular check-ups with the help of a veterinarian prevent serious illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria. For example, regular check-ups can help detect and prevent dental problems, leading to serious health issues, if left untreated. Additionally, your veterinarian will examine the pet physically and may recommend tests or other diagnostic procedures. Thus, on-time vaccinations and check-ups ensure holistic cure and growth.

Maintain healthy weight and nutrition: Healthy pets require an appropriate diet based on age, size, and activity level. Obesity is a significant health problem for pets. A vet-recommended diet is a must while maintaining a stable, healthy weight and nutrition, ensuring that the pets maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout. This helps in preventing serious health issues, including diabetes and heart disease.

Skin disorders: Fleas, ticks and worms cause serious health problems for pets. Fleas and ticks can cause itching, irritation, and even anaemia, while worms can cause malnutrition, diarrhoea, and other issues. Veterinary check-ups can help in the early detection and prevention of these skin problems. Your family vet or any vet can recommend and administer the appropriate treatments and vaccinations to keep your pet healthy and free of parasites. Additionally, some of these parasites are zoonotic, which means they can be transmitted to humans and cause serious health issues. Thus, regular veterinary care to deal with skin problems is important, not only for your pet’s health but also for the health of your family.

A step towards responsible pet ownership: Your pets can’t speak; hence it becomes significant to understand their silence which will develop a strong pet ownership. Thus, pet parents should know that preventive healthcare and timely check-ups for their furry companions will lead to a healthy and happy life.

A healthy pet is a happy pet. Taking your pet to the vet will strengthen pet-parent ownership. Vet consultations provide a thorough examination where pet parents understand the severity of any health concerns faced by their furry companions. It is also crucial to stay vigilant to address any signs of illness or discomfort. Timely vet consultations ensure the health and well-being of your loving and loyal companion.

Last but not least, setting up a routine between pets and vets when they are kittens or puppies generally removes or significantly improves the hassle and stress related to visiting a clinic. The pet will indeed become more familiar with the entire process, including the carrier, smells and noises. The pet owner will also receive nutritional advice, information on neutering, and other health-related tips, all helping to give the pet the best start of life possible and maximising the chances of a long, healthy life. Truth be told, how we care for kittens or puppies impacts their physical, social and mental health for the rest of their lives.

At ROYAL CANIN®, cats and dogs have and will always come first. As a global expert in health through nutrition, the brand takes responsibility for the health and well-being of pets beyond its nutritional diets. One action is to foster responsible pet ownership through sharing knowledge and giving access to crucial data which help debunk preconceived ideas and nurture easier ways, all leading to healthy habits. Because ROYAL CANIN® believes that pets make our world better, our purpose is crystal clear: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.

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