By Pooja Chandra*

Every pet has a story, a bond with their owner and exhibit considerable sensitivity towards the environment they grow in. Mostly, we also do our best to keep them peaceful and happy, except a few times when their behaviour is beyond our control and understanding.


Forrest Vats is a 3 year old ‘fur baby’, who was responding abruptly soon after an unfortunate demise in the family of someone he used to spend a lot of time with. That was the time when it became difficult to understand his behaviour or mannerisms. They were different from usual. A month later when the mating season started, he became uncontrollable and unmanageable. That is when his case came to me for an energy healing session. By the end of five days of this session, he started showing some stability and started to behave like his normal self, just like any human would respond too. His energy points or chakras were now aligned and balanced as if he had accepted the new reality. Since his therapy, he has shown no such erratic symptoms and has been a happy ‘fur baby’.

Jasper Lal, a loveable Labrador, had developed complexities in his health due to early age 


arthritis. He was in constant pain and his movement from one place to the other was getting restricted. He was although getting his injections from the doctor, but showed limited improvements. Post his healing session, along with the owner, I also have been a witness to the considerable improvement in his walking around and also saw him use his own potential to the maximum. It was heartening to see him like that once again and get reassurance that energy healing does work wonders.

Pet Healing is a globally popular therapy for animals and is widely accepted for giving the pets relief and balance. It is not a replacement for medicine but by now we mostly do understand that energy alignment can work wonders as an additional support; especially, when it’s known to have displayed encouraging results. It is due to this that in recent years, we are seeing holistic veterinarians recommending energy healing to help with physical, mental, and emotional issues with our pets.

The best part is that all of this is non-evasive, painless, and can be used in addition to conventional medicine and it actually works!

As a part of deeper understanding one needs to know that these type of healings show results much more readily on pets than on human beings. Pets do not seem to have a lot of mental blockages and defence mechanisms that can block the flow of energy. Humans are way more complicated and come with a lot of unnecessary baggage and mental chaos. Animals are simpler and are quick to reflect the received energy. They usually suffer from such a disbalance by picking on their owners overall disturbed energy and their current state of mind.

Hence to resolve this issue, one cannot just address the pet’s well-being in isolation. It becomes imperative to also keep a check on his universe, meaning his owner and the space where the pet lives. He resonates with energy of the family he lives in. Their behaviour, attitude, environment, circumstances and temperaments, the pet has a lot to deal with! While one extends compassionate intent to work with the pet, healing of its owner and his space also becomes an integral part of the clearing process.

I conduct a 5-day long remote healing session of pets, where the life force energy is sent towards his house, owner, and the pet himself. Well being of all is considered for the pet to become better. It works the best this way rather than just working on the pet in isolation as he will then go back and pick up with same energies, yet again. I work on specific aspects and try and understand from the owner even the minutest detail of everything under consideration. It really helps to reach the exact pain points to be healed.

Compared to its popularity in our country, the benefits are amazing. To name a few, pet healing aligns the pet with his universe, his space and owner, while they all display a level of clarity and balance, it individually eases his pain, boosts the immune system, decreases the healing time after injury or illness, removes psychological blocks restricting physical health, reduces stress and promotes relaxation and finally strengthens the bond between owner and the pet.

For those who understand energy healing as a process, they can simply relate to this and just nod in agreement.

* These are experiences of Pooja Chandra, Founder of Citaaraa – The Wellness Studio. To know and understand more about her work in the energy healing space, please visit

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