On the occasion of declaring the first pet-friendly mall in Hyderabad, through this feature, I wish to highlight the following points.

Petfolk is a social media networking app platform for pets and pet parents. Besides being a social media network, Petfolk also is a one-stop solution for all pet-related needs and information. Petfolk is offering up to 30 percent discount through its e-commerce platform on all pet products and necessities.

Petfolk has recently launched state-of-the-art technology, and first-of-its-kind pet grooming vans in Hyderabad. This is the first lot with 400 vans, more to come in 60 cities of India and abroad.

Petfolk, the unstoppable powerhouse behind the Paws & Play pet event, lit- up the city of Hyderabad with its unparalleled passion for pets! With their unwavering dedication to promoting the welfare of our furry friends, they left no stone unturned in making the event a resounding success. Over 250 pets actively participated in the event. Thanks to Petfolk’s boundless energy and tireless efforts!

From the thrilling array of stalls to the engaging activities and games, Petfolk’s enthusiasm was contagious and electrifying. Their collaboration with PPZ to convert DSL Mall into a pet-friendly space and showcased their visionary leadership in the pet industry. The Paws & Play event was a testament to Petfolk’s unwavering commitment to creating a world where pets are celebrated and welcomed with open arms.

The enthusiasm and joy radiating from the pets and their owners at the event were a true testament to the impact that Petfolk has had in transforming the city into a pet-friendly haven. Petfolk’s dedication and passion for pets were evident in every aspect of the event, and their success in bringing together such a large and enthusiastic community of pet owners is a testament to their leadership and vision.

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