Amazing team of Creature Companion and IIPTF is pleased to announce the new “SUMMER PHOTO CONTESTGIVEAWAY” winner. The winner is Plowy the Cat, successfully securing more than one thousand likes on the picture. This rave is particularly impressive since she was the only cat contestant. All the credit goes to her and her loving & loyal followers.
Plowy, the beauty. You have got to see her to believe in magic. A furry ball which makes the hardest of days seems like a breeze! Plowy is an adorable long fur Persian ginger cat.

Her playful antics can make anyone smile through tears! Such is her innocence. She is fond of travel and has, to her credit, a road trip of 1400 kilometers! Her marble eyes can make your heart melt. You can never have a dull moment with her.

She is a highly sophisticated and Queen of fluff. She will sit with you in all seriousness to watch your favourite show on the television! She prances around playfully in the house. Plowy is extremely photogenic. She is a dream on lens! I would not be wrong in saying that she is a synonym for unadulterated love and affection. One look at her and you would not feel like leaving her alone, such is her charisma! That is our Plowy for you. The Queen of fluff, Plowy loves to go for spa and grooming sessions, and why not, after all she has to live up to her tag of being a Queen. She tags along to all places with her parents everywhere they go and no prizes for guesses here that she comes back with a lot of new admirers.

They say cats choose their humans. After being with our furball, we realised the true importance of these words. Plowy came into our lives as a kitten and it was love at first purr. The first time we held her, we were nervous and excited, all at once. Little did we realise in that moment that this little munchkin is going to drown us in love, give us moments of unbridled joy and tickle us to laughter with her crazy antics.

We decided to pen down our experience to share this pure emotion in this chapter of our journey with Plowy, with humanity, in the hope that others also look for, and bring this love in their lives in some form or the other.

What does Plowy’s extended family says about her?
“Man is a social animal but cats pick the humans they are comfortable with, and some humans have been lucky to be in Plowy’s good books. I had met her at her place a few times but I got to spend some quality time with her when I was babysitting her for a weekend. It was during this time that I realised that she has a unique set of qualities and certain personality traits that set her apart from everyone I have known. She has the ability to sense if people around her need comforting and has an uncanny talent of pulling the goofiest stunts when people around are in desperate need of generous doses of laughter. She is a constant source of entertainment. Out of the innumerable joy-inducing moments she and I have shared, I distinctly remember the moment when she ran with reckless abandon from one end of my flat to another or when she made my laptop her new bed and saved me from being a cog in yet another wheel of capitalism. Apart from all the laughter she gave me, she filled me with a lot of warmth and love when she sat opposite me on my dining table of two for a cosy dinner or when she curled up close to me while I was sleeping. She is a warm furry friend/kid, anyone would love to have and I am glad that I am one of the few humans she has a liking for.”

Plowy !