Let’s introduce you to our ‘Pet of the Month’, PLUTO – a pawfluencer with positive vibes. You can’t ignore his endearing and charming looks… he is such an adorable gem! Let’s know about his antics from Pooja, his bestie. Excerpts…

How did you think of having a pet in your life? Is Pluto your first pet? When did he come into your life?

We thought of having a pet because of our son, who wanted a pet or a brother for himself. Though, we were equally very keen to adopt one. He entered our lives on November 1, 2020. 

‘Pluto’ is an interesting name! How did you come up with this name?

Our son did a lot of research and came up with this name, which sounded so perfect for our pet baby.

Past one and a half year has been a tough experience for all of us, locked up in our homes. How has been your lockdown experience with Pluto?

He has been the source of our happiness, especially, for our son. We didn’t feel lonely and he kept us busy as it was a full time job just like having a new born baby.

How do you prefer to shop for him – online or offline? Do you look for any particular e-commerce sites/pet shops?

We love to shop everywhere and anywhere for him, wherever we find quality stuff. We are very particular and clear what we need for our baby!

What is Pluto’s diet? How do you plan his diet and take care of his nutrition?

Pluto’s diet is mostly protein and carbs… with little fat.

We did a lot of research again – discussed with our fellow pet parents, surfed online and different brands to plan his diet.

How do you take care of Pluto’s grooming?

We take him once in a month to a grooming parlour for spa, but we also ensure cleaning his feet every day after walk, rub him with wet towel and shower after every 3–4 days; sometimes we use dry shampoo and pet perfumes. We also brush his coat regularly and use itching spray to relax him from any of that. Brushing his teeth regularly also forms part of our daily routine. 

How do you choose products for Pluto’s grooming and hygiene needs? What products are you currently using?

We mostly use Caption Zack products; we trust the brand completely. 

Pluto has a huge following on Instagram. How do you think social media presence of pets is impacting the bond between pet owners and pets?

We are definitely in love with our baby and nothing has changed between us. Having said that, yes, it gives a lot of insight to other pet parents and encourages them to dedicate more time and energy to their pets and to treat them as family. Also, the information available on social media helps us to take better care of them.

Do you think pet brands are doing enough to promote responsible pet keeping along with their products?

I think yes, as more and more people are adopting pets and are becoming more quality conscious for their pets, the brands are trying to mark themselves as ‘a responsible brand’ for their consumers.


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