By – Lipika Ganguli*

Coming home to a devoted friend is the best feeling in the world. A pet’s unconditional love can do more for you than just giving you company. Pets may also reduce stress, promote heart health and even aid in the development of social and emotional abilities in children.

Before you even decide to get a pet, you should estimate the average yearly veterinary cost of owning pet. The cost of giving your pet the necessary veterinary treatment when problems emerge is one of the most expensive components of pet ownership.

So, how do you keep costs low while still providing your fur baby with the best life? Providing preventive treatment with yearly complete wellness exams is a best way to reduce veterinary costs without compromising your pet’s health.

Rising Awareness on Pet Nutrition

With rising awareness and understanding of pet nutrition among paw parents, the manufacturers have also expanded their offerings of products that guarantee both palatability and nutritional needs of pets. For instance, there is a rising popularity of personalised food products for pets to address certain health conditions.

We at Royal Canin, craft the ideal recipe to meet each pet’s health needs, so they can enjoy the best health possible. Cats and dogs are more varied than people realise, so we focus all our expertise and passion to deliver the best possible health nutrition to each one of them while guaranteeing palatability.

Every pet parent faces a common dilemma when it comes to feeding their pet — whether homemade food is better and safer than packaged food. The earlier generation preferred to feed their pets homemade food mainly due to the lack of appropriate options. The newer generation is well-informed and is shifting to pre-packaged food as they are more nutritionally balanced and customised as per their pets’ needs.

High-quality pre-packaged pet foods have been tested over decades to provide adequate and balanced nutrition for the dog or cat. Except for some pets with multiple or severe health concerns, there is a pre-packaged food that is appropriate for every pet. Nutritional deficiency diseases are rare in pets that are fed good quality pre-packaged products.

Importance of Preventive Veterinary Care which can help lower Pet Medical Expenses

As our knowledge of the relationship between diet and health continues to advance and as the range of foods available for pets continues to grow, it becomes more crucial than ever when it comes to pet care. Here are some tips to save money in various aspects of pet care, so you can give your furry family member the best without breaking the bank.

  • Make sure you can afford a pet before you commit

Many people love pets, but can’t care for them properly due to pet care costs. A dog or cat can cost anywhere from `20,000 to `30,000 Indian rupees in only the first year of care. Fostering an animal or pet sitting could be a fantastic alternative if you love animals, but aren’t able to dedicate your time and have budget constraints. Without the long-term financial commitment, you’ll still get to enjoy all the cuddling.

  • Schedule routine check-ups

Whether it’s an emergency vet visit or a routine check-up, healthcare is often the most expensive part of being a pet parent. In addition to being significantly less stressful for you and your pet, preventative care is frequently less expensive than emergency expenses. A yearly or biannual check-up might identify potential health issues before they become more serious.

  • Grooming and healthcare

The ongoing costs of owning a pet is very much dependent on the breed, age and your lifestyle.

Nutrition: Food is an obvious ongoing cost, but if your pet does not have any unusual dietary requirements or allergies, then you will likely be able to predict this in advance. Just ensure you opt for a diet that meets all the nutritional requirements of your pet. Your vet would be the best guide in advising the complete and balance diet for your pet.

Grooming: Brushing, washing, checking their nails and brushing their teeth will vary greatly according to the breed of dog that you have. However, it is likely that the cost of grooming has more to do with time than finances.

Fleas, ticks and worms: Parasites can all be managed and, to some extent, avoided with use of ongoing treatment. There are several options available, and your vet will be able to advise on the right choice for you and your pet, however it is likely to be a regular cost of owning a pet.

Taking your pet regularly to the vet greatly increases the length of their life, lower their medical expenses, can help catch diseases early enough to treat them and prevent future illnesses or decreases the severity of them, and cost you less in the long run. Because we can identify and treat many diseases and illnesses before dramatic measures are required, maintaining proper care for your pet and taking them in for the recommended appointments will result in cheaper overall vet bills.

* Brand and Pet Owner Director, Royal Canin India

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