These Pet Spa Benefits Will Make You Change Your Mind About

               Professional Grooming

“I know how to bathe my dog, I don’t need a professional groomer!” 

At some point or another, every pet parent tends to have doubts about whether they should spend money on professional grooming since they believe that grooming is a luxurious activity only meant to pamper dogs. As pet parents, we always want best for our pets and so when we are so conscious about providing the best lifestyle to our furry friends, we also need to give them the grooming that they deserve. While it is true that professional grooming is a way to pamper your pooch, it is also an absolute necessity for them!

When a dog is well-groomed and hygienic, they not only look good but also feel good. It can instantly elevate their well-being. One of the most well-known benefits of regular professional grooming is that it helps your pet have a healthier coat and you can finally see the luster that often gets lost due to pollution and dust that tends to settle on their coat. Moreover, grooming helps to make your pet smell fresh, leading to a much more cuddle-worthy doggo. Generally, when you try to bathe your pets at home, you can sometimes fail to understand exactly what kind of care your pet needs, whereas, a professional groomer could provide you with customizable shampoos and conditioners that can be medicated, ayurvedic, herbal, and so on, depending on your pet’s needs. They can also help to identify if your dog has any skin related issues and can suggest best treatment for it as well.

Professional groomers also provide other services like nail trimming, ear cleaning, oral care, and also fancy haircuts. You can also avail of various other services like micro-bubble baths, oil massages, and even aromatherapy. These are not only fun for your dog but have also proven to have their own benefits for their well-being. The modern technology of a micro-bubble bath produces small ozone microbubbles that help to deeply cleanse the follicles and make their coat healthier. So if your dog suffers from any skin irritation or itching, then a microbubble spa session is the go-to solution to give your pet a soothing experience. On the other hand, high-velocity dryers are used to dry your pet that helps to quickly remove any moisture from their coat and help to get rid of any loose strands from the undercoat as well. This also safeguards your dog from any risk of over-heating or burning its skin. Professional groomers also make sure to use automatic pet drying machines that help to keep dogs and cats calm, if they tend to get stressed by powerful dryers.

Along with this, the demand for more than basic grooming is long gone, and in are the days for fancy haircuts and glow-ups! But giving a haircut or even basic trim to your fur baby at home can be tough as they tend to be more fidgety and have a chance of getting a haphazard haircut. Moreover, bringing scissors so close to a pet can sometimes scare them and so professional groomers tend to have that experience and training to make sure that no matter how fidgety or playful your dog is, he still gets the perfect haircut and also feels calmer during the session.

Another important part of grooming your pets is getting their nails trimmed. Long nails can cause severe problems like bone malformations and arthritis in dogs. And a simple thing like nail clipping is something that makes the calmest of dogs nervous, and any slight movement while cutting its nails can easily hurt your pet and cause a lot of bleeding and pain to them. So it is advisable to trust professional groomers to cut nails with absolute precision.

Along with that, grooming also helps to detect any possible illnesses related to a dog’s skin, coat, ears, or teeth. They can also detect lumps, skin conditions, and abnormalities as well as other illnesses that can help you to get it treated at an early stage. Not just that, grooming spas also offer a varied range of services when it comes to cats as well. From dematting to nail clipping, these groomers offer a tick treatment for pets too.

So by debunking the myth that grooming is just for show dogs, regularly providing your pet with grooming will not only make them look presentable, but will also ensure your pet’s well-being and make you a responsible pet parent.