Squishy faces, charming demeanor, a bit mischievous… there can be no better introduction for a pug! Jules Renard once rightly said, “Wrinkles are engraved smiles,” and Pugs have a lot of wrinkles; they fill our lives with all the smiles in the world. If you are looking for a great mixture of spunky, cute, and silly, a pug has it all! He wouldn’t disappoint you when it comes to making adorable and innocent faces, showing his endearing puppy eyes to have it his way. Curious to know more about this little bundle of joy? Continue reading!

Physical Attributes 

Pugs are small dogs packed into a lot of muscles onto their square frame. With their large, round heads, shortened muzzles, deep brown protruding eyes, tiny velvety ears, curly tail, and extensive forehead wrinkles, they stand out from the rest. Moles on their cheeks are often described as ‘beauty spots.’ They are 10–11 inches tall and 14–18 pounds (6–8 kg.) heavy. They have a short, lustrous double coat in standard colours with a few tonal variations: fawn with a black mask or all black. A clearly defined ‘thumb mark’ on their forehead adds peculiarity to their physical appearance.

Personality Traits 

Pugs display jovial and spirited temperament wanting to please you with their antics. They tend to get along well with other dogs and are good with children too. You can’t expect them to hunt, guard or retrieve; they thrive on companionship. Their goofy and exuberant side has earned them a reputation of a canine class clown. Very intelligent, and at times willful, pugs are happy and affectionate pups that remain very loyal to their owners. These are fairly laid-back dogs whose favourite place to hang out is beside their owners.

They love to be the centre of attraction and feel heartsick if ignored. If you wish to have pugs as their living partners, you need to bear with their wheezing, snorting, and snoring. They can be stubborn at times, which makes their training challenging.

Historical Background 

The rich history of the pug spans centuries; They are one of the oldest and most recognizable dog breeds in the world. Their roots date back to 400-700 BC. Most historians agree that the breed originated in China, where they were bred as companion animals for the wealthy. Pugs have made a long journey from Chinese palaces and monasteries to European courts and modern homes.


Weight Range: 14-18 lbs. 

Height at Withers: 

Male: 11 in. 

Female: 12 in. 

Features: Brachycephalic (squashed face), floppy ears (naturally) 

Exercise Requirements: 20 minutes/day

Energy Level: Average

Longevity Range: 12-15 yrs.

Tendency to Drool: Low 

Tendency to Snore: High

Tendency to Bark: Moderate

Tendency to Dig: Low 

Social/Attention Needs: High 

Coat Length: Short

Coat Colour: Apricot – fawn, black, all with black muzzle or mask, black ears 

Overall Grooming Needs: Moderate 

Club Recognition:

AKC Classification: Toy

UKC Classification: Companion Dog

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*Author is the only Marketing Consultant in India who helps Pet Businesses to reach out to more and more people for business growth. He also runs Petopedia, the World’s First WhatsApp Daily Pet Magazine for sharing pet related information to Pet Parents. He can be reached out on 9820270247 or samgudhate@gmail.com.

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