An Extravaganza Beyond Comparison

Total Number of State visitors came from : 26

Total Number of Cities visitors came from : 177

Total Number of Countries visitors came from : 12

Overall Visitors Number : 5672

A spectacular convergence of more than 7,000 passionate pet enthusiasts and an impressive lineup of 162 exhibitors marked the unprecedented success of the 13th India International Pet Trade Fair which took place at Pragati Maidan from 5th to 6th August 2023. 

This event ignited a weekend of enlightenment, amusement, and liberation for both pets and their dedicated admirers. It transcended the boundaries of a conventional expo, morphing into a vivacious celebration of all things furry, finned, and utterly fabulous.

Imagine stepping into a realm where wagging tails and playful purrs orchestrated the rhythm of the day, where the dreams of pets and their human companions came to life in awe-inspiring presentations. These exhibitors, a diverse assembly of pioneers and fervent aficionados, wove an intricate tapestry of entertainment that left attendees spellbound. Ranging from the whimsical to the awe-inspiring, these demonstrations painted a vivid canvas that captured the essence of the profound bond shared between humans and their animal companions. 

But this event was more than just a haven for pet enthusiasts; it evolved into a strategic nexus for businesses to connect and ignite aspirations. It seamlessly melded the realms of commerce and camaraderie, where entrepreneurial pursuits harmoniously intertwined with the heartfelt celebration of the extraordinary relationships between pets and their human companions.

To accommodate the palpable enthusiasm that permeated the air, the event spanned not just one, but two expansive halls. Within these halls lay a treasure trove of offerings, encompassing pet food, accessories, the enchanting world of Aqua, and even a grooming competition that set tails wagging. 

Hall 7, aptly christened “Pet Paradise,” was a multi-faceted sanctuary divided into three bustling zones: one dedicated to the culinary delights of pet food, another to the dazzling array of pet accessories, and the pièce de résistance, the mesmerizing Aqua Zone. This aquatic spectacle was a grand celebration, showcasing the splendour of Aquagic, the largest aquarium exhibition intertwined with the 13th IIPTF.

Among the luminaries gracing this grand stage were the exhibitors themselves, names that shone with the brilliance of gems in the crown of the pet industry. This lineup reads like a symphony of creativity and passion: ABK Imports, Academy of Grooming Arts, Agro Food Industries, Aimil, and a stellar list that extends into infinity. Royal Canin, Drools, Taiyo, names that reverberate through the halls, embodying the very pulse of the pet food universe. The Aqua Hall, a realm of aquatic marvels, was adorned with stalls that transformed glass tanks into portals of promise, each unveiling the captivating allure of underwater realms.

At the core of this event’s splendour was its quintessential B2B essence, a heartbeat throbbing with innovation, collaboration, and inspiration. Yet, don’t be misled, this was not just a trade show; it was a symphony of energy where networking blossomed into genuine bonds and conversations paved the way for co-creation. The air itself buzzed with ideas, and the seminars and workshops conducted in the elevated sanctuary above the halls were akin to intellectual fireworks, illuminating the skies of endless possibilities.

From Veggie Tales promoting a vegetarian protein-rich diet for dogs to Taiyo showcasing an extensive array of treats and nourishment tailored for pets’ betterment, the stalls brimmed with innovation. Tail Blaze illustrated the transformative impact of their nutrition through a live example, an obese dog that became healthier and fitter after the dietary shift. The selection of stalls encompassed names like Dogsee, Bark and Bones, Fluffy’s Collection, and Petsway Pet Care Pvt Ltd., each showcasing captivating collections of pet clothing. Tara Implex, in turn, presented a range of comfortable and aesthetically pleasing dog beds. While most stalls focused on B2B services, they ensured access to items that resonated with the visitors’ preferences.

As the weekend drew to a close, the sun cast its final rays, leaving in its wake a tapestry woven with joy, connections, and a rekindled fondness for the bonds we share with our furry and aquatic companions. The 13th India International Pet Trade Fair transcended mere event status; it stood as a living testament to the seamless fusion of commerce and ardour. It resonated as a gathering of smiles, a symphony of camaraderie, and an exultation of the exceptional friendships that add vibrancy to our lives.

In essence, the 13th India International Pet Trade Fair was an extraordinary saga that transcended expectations, weaving a narrative of innovation, and boundless devotion to our cherished pets.

The exhibitors included ABK Imports, Academy of grooming arts, Agro Food Industries, Aimil, Akira, Allana, Aqua2 Lab, Aquanature, Aquarium Area, Aquatic Venturez, AR Industries, ASA Agrotech, Aura Biotechnologies, B and K Nutrifeeds, Bakson, Bankey Bihari, Bark and Bone, Barking Blends, Basil, Bestie, Biocoll,

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