TPL Enterprises proudly announces the debut of its cutting-edge website, aimed at revolutionizing the cat litter industry by encouraging a shift from traditional sand-based litter to innovative, eco-friendly paper-based alternative.

The new platform is dedicated to spreading awareness among cat parents/caregivers on the numerous advantages of recycled paper-based cat litter, including enhanced absorbency, reduced dust, and a significantly lower environmental footprint. By providing detailed information, and practical tips, seeks to transform the conventional mind-set and promote a more sustainable and effective solution for feline care.

In an exciting expansion, our eco-friendly litter is now available for rabbit caregivers as well, catering to a broader audience of conscientious pet parents/caregivers.

Since our inception in 2022, TPL Enterprises has been dedicated to pioneering change within the pet care industry. Our flagship product, “Soft on Paws”, crafted exclusively from 100% recycled paper, exemplifies our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Beyond its eco-friendly composition, our litter prioritizes comfort and well-being for pets. With a focus on providing a luxurious experience, it ensures a gentle and enjoyable environment for our furry companions.

Aligned with our core values of promoting local innovation and excellence, we proudly embrace the ‘Vocal for Local’ ethos. By utilizing locally sourced materials and manufacturing processes, we contribute to the growth and sustainability of our community.

Join us in celebrating this milestone as we continue to lead the way in sustainable pet care solutions. Welcome to TPL Enterprises – where sustainability meets sophistication, and every pet companion is valued.

Founder – Namrata Kataria: +91 8287904012

Co-Founder – Harsimran Singh: +91 9953696669



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