Dr. Tamanna Bakshi stands at the forefront of a groundbreaking movement in pet healthcare with Bakson Veterinary, an initiative aimed at integrating homoeopathy into pet care. The genesis of this venture can be traced back to a deeply personal experience when Dr. Bakshi’s own golden retriever, Simba, battled persistent skin allergies. Despite repeated visits to veterinarians and multiple courses of conventional medications, relief remained elusive. Frustration with the side effects of allopathic treatments led Dr. Bakshi to revisit her roots in homoeopathy. Collaborating with her father, they formulated Derm Aid Drops, a remedy that yielded remarkable results for Simba. 

The impetus behind Bakson Veterinary is a genuine concern over the proliferation of misinformation and potentially harmful products in the pet care market. Many commercially available products contain chemicals that may pose risks to pets, while conventional allopathic treatments often come with undesirable side effects. Recognizing this gap, Dr. Bakshi envisioned Bakson Veterinary as a sanctuary for pet owners seeking safer, more natural alternatives.

One might question the use of alcohol in homoeopathic medicines. However, it’s crucial to understand that the alcohol utilized, typically extra-neutral or pharmaceutical-grade alcohol, is chosen for its purity and safety profile. Through a meticulous process of serial dilution and succussion, the alcohol content in these remedies becomes virtually negligible, ensuring they are safe for consumption by pets. 

The product range at Bakson Veterinary, including Derm Aid Drops, V11 Rheumatism Drops, V2 Stomach Drops, Destress Drops, Distemper Drops, and supplements like Alfalfa Tonic and Liv Aid Syrup, has garnered widespread acclaim. Particularly during outbreaks like the Lumpy Skin Disease, products such as Derm Aid, Immuno Aid, and Sept Aid Spray have demonstrated the versatility and efficacy of homoeopathic solutions in addressing diverse pet health issues.

 Homoeopathy, as championed by Dr. Bakshi, offers a beacon of hope for pet owners seeking alternatives to conventional treatments. While the results may manifest more gradually than their allopathic counterparts, the holistic benefits are undeniable. Without the burden of adverse side effects, homoeopathic remedies ensure the overall well-being of pets, aligning seamlessly with their natural physiology. As awareness of its benefits continues to grow, homoeopathy stands poised to revolutionize the future of pet healthcare, offering a gentler, more compassionate approach to addressing myriad health concerns.

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