To celebrate the joy of petting, PETGALA was held at the International Trade Expo Centre Noida on 19th February 2023. It was an ecstatic event for every Dog and Cat who visited the Gala as well as their parents who took part in the show. The event had a host of activities for pet lovers like a Dog Agility zone, pet fashion show, interactive games, obedience training demonstrations, security dog demonstrations, aquarium setup, vet consultations etc.

Rossari Biotech Group Ltd. a very famous brand for pets’ lifestyle grooming, food and hygiene displayed their premium products that guarantee in bringing out a magical and healthy change in your pets.

Pet CareTM by Rossari is one of their new ventures, which was initiated in 2019 with the acquisition of a reputed Indian pet grooming brand – Lozalo International. Their product range includes natural pet shampoos, powders, deodorants, sprays, creams and floor washing liquid. They also have Pet Supplements with a brand name called ‘Envito’, a Premium Dog Food called ‘Sniffy’ and a Perfectly-balanced Cat Food – ‘Top Tail’.


This division caters to all the products of dogs, cats and horses for their daily food supplementary needs and thereby keeping them disease free.

Below is a listing of their newly launched as well as existing product range, that were on the display at the PetGala show.


Lozalo has a comprehensive range of natural pet grooming products. These products are pH balanced to suit pet’s dermal conditioning needs. Their natural pet shampoo variety has been fortified with additional moisturisers and conditioners.

Constellation by Lozalo

A need-based natural luxury bathing shampoo for cats, Constellation shampoo is calming, sulphate free, pH balanced, silicone free and dye free.

Constellation by Lozalo addresses to various problems/issues related to shedding, dryness, itching, body odour, sensitive and tangling. It keeps cat’s furry skin clean and gives to it an extra texture, volume and shine.

Sniffy Power Packed Diet (Premium Dog Food Brand)

All the dog’s food is manufactured using two main formulations, Chicken & Egg and Salmon & Egg. These dog food brand comes in the three best packaging types:

  • The smaller ones for starters (all kinds of pregnant dogs who are passing through their motherhood and the weaning puppies). This supports their gestation and lactation giving them high energy to remain active. The gut health supporter promotes optimum growth with prebiotic MOS. A healthy immune system enriches the furry with rich vitamins like Vit. E, C and selenium. This product also helps the brain and eyes of developing dogs with DHA, EPA, Amino acids, Omega 3, 6 and Folic acid.
  • The medium one is for puppies (age groups: 3 to 12 months). This product helps the overall growth of the system along with enhancing immunity with Protein 30%, Fat 20%, Fibre 3.5% (Salmon & Egg) and 4.5% (Chicken & Egg).
  • The large one is for adult dogs (aged above 12 months). This product is for fully grown dogs. It helps to maintain their overall health with Protein 28%, Fat 16% and Fibre 4.5% with the two formulations mentioned above.

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