Dr. Anish Kumar, Vice President Rossari Animal Health Division in conversation with Ms. Priyanka Tanwar, Editor of Creature Companion Magazine on Rossari’s entry into the Indian petcare market segment with their newly acquired range of international brand Lozalo’s pet care formulations; their well-conceptualised nutrition products ‘Hunger Fills’ and ‘Sniffy’ that provide an unparalleled usage experience.

How did your company transition over from textile and ancillary chemicals to the pet care and nutrition segment?
With the rising number of pets and modern families, the pet industry is one of the leading business segments in animal health market and Rossari, with its futuristic approach, has always been interested in providing value additions in such high growing segments with its innovative product formulations.

What are your most popular pet care and nutrition products? What problems do they solve?
Rossari offers a comprehensive range of pet grooming

products by Lozalo which includes conditioning shampoos, talc, pet deodorants, and pet body massage creams & oils. This product range helps to keep the pet’s coat healthy and lustrous.

Along with the grooming range, Rossari offers a range of pet treats ‘Hunger Fills’ – a delicious, meaty and nutritious dog treat to pamper your furry friend on any occasion.

How do you establish a genuine need for your products in the addressable market?
With our robust distribution network, dynamic and expanding foot on field and innovative product formulations, the product demand and supply network will be established in all the focused markets.

How do you stay true to your company’s philosophy of ‘Making you more competitive’ to succeed in the petcare market?
Our philosophy of ‘Making you more competitive’ is a perfect fit for the Indian and global petcare segment as our well-conceptualised and innovative product formulations provide quality and efficacy to our product users with an unparalleled usage experience.

Rossari Biotech recently associated with pet cosmetics giant Lozalo International. Tell us more about this association. How does it add quality to the Indian petcare segment?
Rossari Biotech Limited acquired Lozalo in the last quarter of 2018. This strategic acquisition has provided an advantageous business opportunity for Rossari to enter the pet business segment with a well-established brand like Lozalo. We are looking forward to more profits out of it along with the introduction of our own range of innovative product formulations in the market such as ‘Hunger Fills,’ a range of delicious pet treats and ‘Sniffy,’ a complete nutritionally balanced pet food for dogs of all ages.

What has been the most difficult part of venturing into this niche segment?
Nothing specific to mention about. However, it has been a very exciting and encouraging journey so far.

Who are your biggest competitors? How do you differentiate your products in this competitive market?
We are competing with our own offerings to continuously improve our product application for its quality, efficacy & user experience.

What are some of the major challenges you faced in the petcare industry?
Reaching the target audience is the most challenging part here and all sorts of ATL and BTL marketing awareness tools have to be implemented to achieve the desired outcome.

How do you keep abreast of the pet industry news?
Pet magazines, online media and industry sources keep us updated on the latest news and business information on the pet industry.

How do you track consumer trends in this unorganised market?
Our sales and marketing team, and extensive distributor and retailer network keeps us updated on newer customer insights. This greatly assists us in incorporating required changes in our respective business strategies.

Tell us about the kind of research and development that goes into the formulation of a new pet nutrition product.
We have a dedicated research and development team, and leading-edge laboratory setup at our production hub at Silvassa. This team keeps on updating existing items and developing new product formulations to deliver the best out of our state-of-the-art manufacturing setup for our product users.

What are your views on the Indian petcare industry in the next 5 years?
The petcare sector is one of the rapidly growing, recession proof industries with double digit growth and consistent CAGR over the last several years. We expect it to grow at a similar pace in the next 5 years and in the years after that.

What parting advice would you give to young entrepreneurs venturing into the petcare business?
I would advise entrepreneurs to focus on customer needs and be consistent with their product or service quality and sustainability.