The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with automatic packing machine and associated utilities, ensuring efficient conversion of bulk products into retail packs tailored for the Indian market and consumers.

23rd April, 2024: Royal Canin, one of the global leaders in “Health Through Nutrition” solutions for cats and dogs, and part of Mars, Incorporated today announced the opening of its New Packaging Center in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra. A significant milestone solidifying Royal Canin’s commitment towards the Indian pet care market, the development is the culmination of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Royal Canin and the Government of Maharashtra in April 2023.

Guided by the Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS, Royal Canin has strategically invested around INR 100 crores and facilitated local employment and capabilities to strengthen resilient manufacturing network to serve “millions of cats and dogs” and meet the evolving needs of pet owners and professionals, focusing on ensuring Quality, affordability, and availability.

The new Packaging Center which is Royal Canin’s first facility in India, will have an automatic packing machine and associated utilities installed ensuring efficient conversion of bulk products into retail packs tailored for the Indian pet parents’ requirements.

Royal Canin is on its way to unlock its next phase of operations in India and be able to offer health through nutrition solutions to more cats and dogs in the market. This approach to feeding more pets is strongly tied with sharing knowledge, offering services and tools that help pet professionals to improve the lives of animals.

Cecile Coutens, Global President of Royal Canin said

“India is one of the fastest-growing Petcare market with CAGR of ~15%.  Today, pet owners are becoming increasingly attentive to their pets’ health and well-being and wish to provide the highest quality of nutrition and care. At Royal Canin, we believe that precise nutrition is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure pets’ well-being. The opening of our new Packaging Center Operations in Bhiwandi will enable us to support pet owners in India further, helping them provide precise “Health Through Nutrition” solutions for their beloved pets.”

Today, we are operating in more than 120 countries and run 16 factories, 2 pet centers around the globe (our innovation centers), 1 Research & Development Center and 7 laboratories from the Mars network. India Packaging Center is the 17th facility added to our manufacturing network to strengthen the supply chain in the country.

At Royal Canin, we strive for excellence in everything we do – precision, quality, reliability, control, and consistency of the performance of our nutritional solutions.

Satinder Singh, General Manager of Royal Canin India, said, “We are pleased to announce that our new facility in Maharashtra, is now fully operational. At Royal Canin, everything we do is in service of our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. The new setup is part of our consumer experience, enabling us to bring our high-quality nutrition to serve more cats and dogs. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, the new Packaging Center operations reflects our commitment to providing Indian pet parents with premium products that meet the unique nutritional needs of their beloved pets. The latest facility also aligns with the government’s “Make in India” initiative to support the Indian economy. We are proud to expand our presence in India and remain dedicated to developing innovative solutions that prioritize the well-being of cats and dogs. At Royal Canin, we believe that pets make our world better and in return we make A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS by offering them the best possible nutrition. Because from our beginnings, and still to this day, health is our North Star.

About Royal Canin:

The Royal Canin Division, owner of the ROYAL CANIN® brand, is part of Mars, Incorporated and one of the global leaders in Health Through Nutrition for cats and dogs. Founded in 1968 by French veterinarian, Dr. Jean Cathary, Royal Canin continues to push the limits of nutrition and knowledge in partnership with pet professionals and experts to fulfill its Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.

Royal Canin collaborates with partners, including breeders and veterinarians, not only to design precise, science-based nutrition for cats and dogs but also to develop a variety of tools and services to generate a significant positive impact on pet health. The company does this in a respectful, responsible, and sustainable way towards pets, people, and planet.

Operating in more than 120 markets, Royal Canin counts over 8,000 Associates, including more than 400 veterinarians and nutritionists. It runs 16 factories and 2 pet centers around the globe, including 1 innovation center and 7 laboratories from the Mars network.

Royal Canin also owns the EUKANUBA™ brand outside of Europe, a high-performance nutritional offer for dogs, and NOM NOM, a fast-growing U.S.-based Direct-to-Consumer pet food company.

To learn more about Royal Canin, visit

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