ByDr.Praveen Dutt Sharma*

Air pollution is a prominent issue nowadays especially in NCR and adjoining areas. Human beings as well as pets are equally suffering because of the highly polluted air. Young pups and senior dogs are the category at higher risk of infection.
The various problems in pets due to air pollution are conjunctivitis; respiratory issues like bronchitis, allergies and pharyngitis, ear infections, stress, depression etc.


Owners are advised to keep their pets indoors for maximum time possible. Always try to take them out only if absolutely necessary. It is always better to get them toilet trained at home.

Dogs undergoing vigorous exercise during training should be given regular breaks for relaxation. Exercise should be done in parks and gardens with a lot of green cover.

Pets should be well hydrated and access to liquids must be provided throughout the day. This helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. We have to keep our houses dust-free. In door environment should be kept purified by air purifiers, if possible.

Immunity boosters and multivitamins are a must, especially Vitamin E which acts as a stress reliever. Herbal remedies like turmeric and apple cider vinegar etc. should be used in the diet for flushing out toxins.

Always try to spend some extra time with your pets during this air pollution emergency to keep them stress-free and away from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Some indoor recreational activities with pets are recommended during this time.

Individual disease occurring due to air pollution should be treated with its specifications but a lot of stress relieving tonics and immunity supplements are recommended along with the course of treatment. As a part of preventive protocol – ,I being a Vet, recommend all pet owners to keep their pets ready well in advance for this type of unavoidable natural stress which is always in no control zone. Always keep them fully loaded with nutritional support and immunity boosters.

The famous saying ‘Whatever you sow, same you will reap’ fits in perfectly with our pets’ needs and requirements. It can be altered thus – ‘More you enrich your pet with nutrients, more they will thrive.’