Affinity Advance offers premium therapeutic, wellness and speciality nutrition for pets

It will cater to pet care needs of pet parents and vets

Delhi, October 20, 2023: Scientific Remedies, a leading player in companion animal health industry today launched Affinity Advance in India, the flagship brand of the 6th largest manufacturer of pet food in the world, Affinity Petcare. Affinity Advance offers a broad range of super premium therapeutic, wellness and speciality nutrition for pets which is popular and recommended by pet parents and vets worldwide. This partnership with Affinity Petcare will enable Scientific Remedies to provide the best quality pet food to pet parents in the country which are clinically proven and evidence based to ensure greater longevity and better quality of life of pets. 

Affinity Petcare caters to both pet parents and vets globally with a wide range of products that focuses on pets suffering with different clinical conditions (also known as Veterinary Diets), healthy pets as well as pets with special needs. Scientific Remedies plans to introduce this range in a phased manner in India and have strategically chosen to introduce their Veterinary Diets portfolio under Affinity Advance during its first phase. The Veterinary Diets portfolio will be sold in Veterinary Clinics, Chemists, and Veterinarian Partnered Pet shops across the country. 

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Rakesh Mohan, Executive Director, Scientific Remedies commented, “With the growing adoption of pets in India, it has become imperative for pet parents and vets to have access to solutions that address pet care needs. We are pleased to introduce world’s 6th largest pet food brand, Affinity Petcare that will offer best-in-class products to Indian pet parents and vets. As veterans in the animal health industry, we offer a wide product mix in the pet foods and pet healthcare segment. With this exclusive partnership with Affinity Petcare, we aim to bolster our offering in the fast growing super premium pet food market.”

Mr. Jordi Garriga, International Markets Director, Affinity Petcare said, “India is one of the fastest growing major pet food markets in the world. Affinity Petcare is proud to partner with Scientific Remedies to provide the best quality pet food that Affinity has to offer to pet parents in the Indian subcontinent. Our collaborative efforts aim at transforming the pet care industry in India. We are certain that this partnership will give us a strong footing in the India market and the desired scale.”

Scientific Remedies plans to launch Affinity Petcare’s brands for healthy pets and pets with special needs in its second phase. The company aims to become a market leader in clinical pet nutrition market in India by 2029 and command over 20% market share in the pet food industry by 2033.

About Scientific Remedies:

Scientific Remedies is one of the leading companies in the Companion Animal Health Industry with a wide product mix in the Pet Foods and Pet Healthcare segment. Founded by a visionary, Dr T. G. Chandramohan, with more than 45 years of experience in the Animal Health Industry, Scientific Remedies has been instrumental in introducing and establishing some globally leading brands and best in class products of the international market in India. Under the leadership of Mr. Rakesh Mohan, Executive Director of the company, Scientific Remedies has launched several leading multinational brands such as Protexin and Macahl Animal Health from UK, OPKO Health from US, respectively. 

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About Affinity Petcare:

Affinity Petcare is based out of Spain, with over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of pet food and is the mother to globally renowned petfood brands such as Affinity Advance, Nature’s Variety, Natural Trainer and Ultima, among others.  Their flagship brand, Affinity Advance, has a broad range of super premium Therapeutic, Wellness and Speciality Nutrition which is loved and recommended by pet parents and vets worldwide. 

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