Let’s introduce you to our ‘Pet of the Month’, Scotch the Dogo – a pawfluencer with dynamic personality. You can’t ignore his charm and captivating vibe. Let’s know a little bit more about Scotch from Dolly, his best friend

I was always fond of dogs and before him, back in 2014 my brother  got puppy to our home I was petrified at that moment, thinking it would bite me but after an hour I was in love with him he was my first pet https://www.instagram.com/scotch_the_dogo/Scotch Within just 3 years in 2017 we lost him.  I was depressed, I still miss him today but after seeing my terrible state, my brother and father decided to bring home a new puppy,  that’s how we got him and we named him Scotch too. He is a labrador and he is now 4.5years old when we got him he was just 35 days old.

Scotch is my best-friend and he  means the world to me. I adore him so much. He is not just a dog he is my brother and an important member to our family. The unconditional love and loyalty he shows to us are never seen. I love cuddling with him . I take him on a walk everyday and also train him regularly. Whenever I feel down he is the only one who cheers me up. He could empathize and even comforted me when I lost my dad, I was devastated, he made me kept going. Whenever I miss my dad I feel sad and hug him. So, I can say Scotch uplifts my mood both emotionally and psychologically. 

He  wakes me up everyday and puts a smile on my face. He is my sweetheart. Whenever I feel low I just look at his puppy eyes and feel good, he always takes care of me. Playing with him is fun as he loves to play ‘Go Fetch’. He follows me around the house with a toy and drops it to my foot for me to it toss it. He always follow me when I leave the room. When I’m sitting on a couch he lies down right besides me and that’s just priceless. 

Speaking of diet, Scotch’s diet is mostly veg  home made food and food and treats from brands like Headsupfortails ,Furrmeals and Nuts Over Mutts. Speaking of food, Scotch is well behaved when it comes to food as he never steals or snatches food. 

While looking for dogs products I visit portals like Headsupfortails, Pawfullshop, Pawfection and Tail Plus these are some brands from where I mostly  shop for my pet. Currently I prefer to  shop online  due to Covid situation.

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