Our tiny wonder who stole many hearts 

By Akash Bhaskar

Scotch, our beagle dog came home into our lives on August 4th 2021 and since then has gone on to occupy a place not just at my home but also in our hearts. Weighing about 900 grams, he was truly a bundle of joy, filling a void in my life that had emerged during COVID-19. He was gifted to me by my sister and brother-in-law, who were aware of my desire to have a pet for a long time. 

Right from day one, it was clear. He loved his food and was going to share the closest bond with my Mom (his granny) while being the most loved by my Dad (his grandpa), who still sings lullabies to put him to sleep. My sister and brother-in-law do not seem to get enough of him and have taken on the role of being his official photographer and social media manager. 

As days passed by, we started noticing that he was not growing at the rate as puppies his age grow. Only, after a month and a half was it clear that we needed to get some tests done? It was only much later that we figured out that he was a dwarf beagle, but what ensured a sense of relief was the fact that he was otherwise healthy. Yes, veterinary visits are quite nerve-racking for all of us at home, but we wouldn’t trade the experience of having him in our lives for anything else and always collectively work our hardest to ensure he gets to live his best life. 

He started being a frequent visitor at my workplace and became a popular visitor who is adored by all my colleagues. As Covid restrictions eased, we also saw a rise in the number of visitors at home, thanks to people vying to get a glimpse of this little wonder. One of the best moments of realisation happened when I figured out that we share the same birthday (June 27th) and I couldn’t be happier sharing it with anyone else. We were always meant to be.

Visits to pet events are also a frequent activity in our schedule these days, and a weekend spent with other fur babies is something Scotch enjoys to the fullest alongside paving the way for me to become a socially active individual. It was followed by frequent requests from my friends to start a social media page exclusively for him, something I took a lot of time to finally pay heed to. 

I became known as Scotch’s dad, a title that came with its own share of responsibility, but a role that has truly transformed me to be a better individual over the years. Ever since, he has been a constant companion in my life through all my highs and lows and

he probably knows all my secrets. I had a special surprise in store for him on the occasion of his first birthday wherein I got a tattoo of his face done on my forearm and the pain was totally worth it, a way for me to ensure he stays with me at all times. 

We named his Instagram page ‘Scotchvilla’ because after all, it is his home on Instagram where he connects with his innumerable loving fans who just cannot seem to get enough of him. This is where Scotch became a celebrity of sorts, going from being known as the cutest pup to being a widely popular pupfluencer with a huge following. 

I have been a pet lover all my life and started my own venture in this space way back in 2017, yet never found a co-founder, Scotch pitched in to join me as a paw-founder and the brand has only grown and benefited from his cute presence at the helm. We also intend to give back to this community in some form and spreading love for animals through the power of storytelling is just a start in our long journey of ours. 

Each day with him goes on to become a memory we all are going to cherish for years to come. We like any other pet parent, hope this bond of love lasts forever and we get to make infinite memories with him in the year to come.

Author’s bio: 

Akash Bhaskar is an entrepreneur in the pet space and co-founder of petrons.com, based out of Bangalore, India. He has been a pet lover all his life, and loves to involve himself in various animal welfare activities.

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