The Scottish Fold is a delightful cat that is easy to care for and gets along with everyone in the family.

It appears that the Scottish Fold is constructed entirely of curves! This medium-sized cat has a round head, wide round eyes, and most noticeably, small, neatly folded ears that cover the ear entrance. It is compact and solid. The Scottish Fold has a charming demeanour and a plush, short coat.

The folded ears add to the impression that the skull is spherical. The eyes are exceptionally brilliant, clear and rounded. The tail seems round compared to its length, as do the legs. The short coat requires less maintenance. The Scottish Fold Longhair is a long-haired variation of the Scottish Fold that is accepted by several registries. Their longer coats, which might have significantly different textures, need regular maintenance.


The Scottish Fold has a pleasant, endearing personality. She is a simple cat to take care of and live with.

She is warm and at ease around every member of her family. You should be gentle with her tail. When handled incorrectly or unintentionally harshly, the tail of some of these cats is known to stiffen and inflict pain.

The average Scottish Fold is bright, mild-mannered, soft-spoken, and nimble in adjusting to new people and circumstances. They tend to form bonds with one family member and are devoted to them. Although they typically let other people pet and love them, their primary attachment becomes evident as soon as they single out their preferred human. They must be given attention on their terms because they thrive on it. Most of the time, they would rather be close to you than on your lap despite their devotion. They are not clinging or demanding cats. They retain their lively side well into adulthood and occasionally enjoy a nice game of catch the catnip mouse.

Physical Attributes


From shoulder to pelvic girdle, it is medium, rounded and even. The cat has a sturdy and well-padded stance. The cat has a well-rounded look and medium-sized bones.


The head is rounded with a strong jaw and chin. The whisker pads on the muzzle is well-rounded. A short neck melds with the head. Males having prominent cheeks that have a jowly appearance that is short and gently curved, with a short nose. The look of the profile is average.


They have forward or downward-folding ears that are small in size.  The ears tips are rounded.


Open wide and smiling sweetly. Large, rounded, and distinguished by a wide nose. To match the coat color with the eye color. All-white, bicolor, and van patterns are all possible for blue eyes and odd eyes.


They have coarse paws and are short legged. The paws have five in front and four in behind toes that are tidy and well-rounded.


Although medium to long, the tail is generally in proportion to the body. The tail is generally flexible, tapering and pointed at the end.


The colour of its body is of any shades or patterns showing signs of hybridization, such as chocolate, lavender, Himalayan pattern or shades of these hues combined with white. The proper eye colour is that of the cat’s predominant colour. All bicolour and van patterns of the species may have odd eyes and blue eye patterns. They are odd-eyed with equal-depth blue and gold eyes.


The coat is made of long hair. They generally have long to medium-length of hair.


The short coat can be plush, even and dense. The hairs are medium-short to short in length. Texture is gentle, rich with life. Due to density, one must stand rather than lie flat or near to the body. The colour, seasonal and regional variations may affect the coat texture.

The Scottish Fold’s diet needs to be handled with care. She should avoid gaining weight because this breed is naturally round. Nutritional management is essential for her because she eats well and is not as active as other breeds.

The Scottish Fold young ones needs interaction with her parent in order to maintain health. She enjoys being brushed as part of the play, despite the coat being simple to maintain.

The Scottish Fold will play with her tail but as it grows old it can only gently rock its tail down and side to side. She should be taken to the vet to make sure she doesn’t have arthritis, if any stiffness is noted or if she seems to be in pain when the tail is moved.

The Scottish Fold’s tail must be handled delicately. Some of these cats have a tendency to get stiff in their tails, which can hurt if handled incorrectly.

The Scottish Fold is a fairly laid-back cat who would enjoy most family or single homes, but is great with older kids who can better comprehend the cat’s behaviour and respect its territory.

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