From the word go, Signature has been defining affordable, holistic nutrition. A brand which got launched after years of deep research, quality analysis and guaranteed satisfaction from its preferred customers, aka our pooches, Signature is designed to change the fabric of pet food industry. Heightened palatability, accentuated digestibility, stylized packaging and thoughtful pricing surely makes a winner set for Signature and with a robust sales team working autonomously, understanding and delivering to the needs of the crème de la crème segment of Indian pet society.

– Ms. Mitu Paul (Brand Head of Signature Pet Foods India)

Signature embraces a personal space devoted to holistic nutrition and immunity reinforcement. At Signature, we pamper your pets with products that are made with quality proteins originally meant for human consumption, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, long grain rice and prebiotic herbs. All Signature products are carefully curated under the able guidance of our consulting vets based in the USA.

All our recipes are gluten free, meaning it does not include wheat & GMO free, thereby poses no threat to your pooch’s sensitive digestive system. We mainly avoid corn and soy. The products are nutritionally balanced and with keen interest in your pet’s wellbeing, our products undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure a healthy meal reaches your pet’s bowl. While we aim at providing just the right balance of nutrients, the entire process from assessing the raw material to production happens in-house, leading to an hygienic and consistent product that is highly recommended by Vets. Our automated systems with minimalistic human touch maintain optimum hygiene while processing the food.

Signature products are humanely developed and we promise to always remain that way. We boast of having our own state-of-the-art R&D lab which enable us to explore new recipes and innovate for the future.

If you are a pet parent who not only cares about their pet’s current health but also about their longevity of life, then Signature is all that you need!

Signature Pet Foods has been recently set up in the valentine month of February 2022 by Mr Fahim Sultan, as a tribute to love for his companion friends, and the production of this premium line of pet food for dogs and cats commenced in April 2022.

Signature is self-sufficient in all that it manufactures with most of its raw materials in-house, eliminating its reliance on imported ingredient resources. This ensures the quality utilized and made, because our highly experienced and skilled veterinarians monitor every aspect of the production process at the most elementary levels. This also decreases supply chain disruption and takes us closer to being ‘Atmanirbhar’ (self-sufficient), a movement made popular by our Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi. We process food using automated methods with little to almost “no” human intervention to ensure maximum sanitation. The manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified and meet worldwide standards. To assure premium food quality and palatability, the company employs German gear and a vacuum coating method.

Signature understands your strong attachment to pets and the necessity of feeding them a balanced and nutritious diet. As a result, our team of nutritionists and veterinarians have ensured and designed a high-quality meal tailored to the evolving demands of house dogs and cats. Not only that, but significant study has assured that Signature’s products have a consistent flavour, greater digestion, and absorption. These products are nutritionally balanced pet food and get subjected to stringent quality inspections to ensure that only the best enters your pet’s dish.

Signature Pet Foods is part of the pet mega brand Drools Pet Food Pvt Ltd, which further is a ramification of the Indian Broiler Group.

Also, it will be heart-warming for our readers to know that IB Group runs charitable schools where more than 7500 children receive free education. This drive is from our founder’s family, with the aim of educating every child in the hood, especially a girl child. A sizable amount of sales proceeds from Signature and Drools® goes towards this beautiful cause of community building though care and education.

Signature Pet Foods already has plans of exports along with reaching to all prime counters within India. Signature targets to reach close to 2500 prime counters across the country, along with reaching some 10+ countries for exports in its coming days. With a robust team of close to 70 members, the brand is known for its agility and customer service orientation.

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