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Adopting a pet is a lifetime responsibility. The owner must ensure proper health and care of the pets. These creations of God cannot speak for themselves, so pet owners must take adequate measures for their healthy existence.


Delhi being the top metropolis has infinite households that are raising pets. But the major challenge erupts when one fails to find proper pet care services in the near vicinity. Being a vast city, commutation is a problematic issue, so taking pets to and fro from a far-off pet care service centre becomes difficult.


The lack of such organizational setups was closely monitored by Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Chief Operating Officer of Star Pet Care Services (, and this led to the establishment of the idea of starting a pet care centre in Delhi.


Not just that, Mr. Gupta also felt the necessity of proper home pet care services so that people do not unnecessarily have to bear the burden of taking their furry friends to a clinic and getting all the requisite services. Instead, they could avail of all such services at home. “In the pursuit to make things easier for the pet owners, we started the doorstep services for pet X-rays, Blood tests and pet grooming,” quoted Mr. Gupta.



Just like humans, pets are also vulnerable to bodily disorders like weak bones, trauma, abdominal diseases, cancer, and other susceptible health concerns. This is where visiting a vet becomes inevitable and the pet owner has to undergo several routine tests for adequate health evaluation of their pet. But what if the diagnosis centre is far away and one lacks proper arrangements to take the animal to the diagnostic centre? Moreover, the major challenge with a sick pet is irritability, restlessness, and uncontrollability. It becomes difficult to wait for hours at the clinic.


The doorstep assistance by Star Pet Care Services is a boon to the worried pet parents who can get all the diagnostic tests done at the comfort of their own homes. All they need to do is schedule an appointment with the team and fix a suitable time. Both booking and the consulting can be done online.


Hygiene is a vital practice, and pet grooming is one of the key services offered by the clinic, where one can avail of hygiene cuts, medicated baths, nail art, hair straightening, and a spa for their pet buddies. According to Mr. Gupta, “keeping the pet clean and sanitary is vital, but many pet parents often neglect it. Here, the Star Pet Care team comes to rescue with their convenient doorstep offerings’.


Star Pet Care Services have a team of highly trained vets who are guided to handle any breed of animals and offer the best resolution to the clients. Being a part of the widely acclaimed Star Imaging and Path Lab Pvt. Ltd., the team has earned proficiency in providing veterinary diagnostic and imaging services.

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