Diwali is a festival of love, happiness, and wealth. Your sensation of joy shouldn’t result in the suffering of another living thing. Because of the residents’ annual cracker-bursting frenzy around Diwali, thousands of animals all over the nation experience complete trauma. Animals are disturbed when crackers are exploded, but people are also at risk from the noise, air pollution, and light pollution that results. As a result, a holiday that is meant to bring us joy and happiness instead causes a great deal of suffering for animals. Give your pet anti anxiety medication to prevent your dogs and cats from being nervous or revved up when the fireworks go off outdoors.

The cracker noise not only impairs the animal’s hearing but also affects its heart rate and stress levels. So exercise caution when subjecting them to loudness.

  1. Keep them in a cozy and cool room with the windows and door closed to reduce noise. Additionally, place cotton balls in the pet’s ears to reduce their stress.
  2. To prevent an unintentional fire, keep candles and lamps (diyas) away from your dogs and cats.
  1. Early in the evening, walk or run with them so they are well-rested and can unwind easily as the evening wears on.

Every animal has a place where they feel most at ease. Before making changes to the environment, observe their body language and give them time to acclimate.
Put on some calming music to help your pet relax.
Pets should wear cotton earplugs. Animals experience dread, uncertainty, anxiety, and panic when a cracker bursts. Their terror causes them to act in a variety of bizarre ways, such as hiding under a car or a bed or racing erratically along the street or out of their homes, not eating anything, taking no walks, and other insane things.


Pets most frequently exhibit fright, salivation, shaking, trembling, shivering, excessive barking, loss of hunger, aggressiveness, etc. during cracker shattering. Animals can hear exceptionally well, but they can’t stand the sounds of crackers shattering. The hearing range of animals, such as dogs, is about 40 to 60 hertz, which is much higher than that of humans. Because of this, their ears are more sensitive than those of humans.

People need to be made more aware of animals’ emotions immediately. Most people assume that animals are emotionless because they are mute. Animals are living things just like us, and they experience emotions. Children must be taught to have sympathy for animals and not to enjoy tying and popping crackers on their tails. Children should be reminded to be cautious and crack fewer crackers far from domestic animals and stray animals. Societies and colonies should forbid people from popping crackers, and if someone insists on doing so, they should designate a location and time for it so that no one bothers or annoys the stray animals. Diwali should be celebrated peacefully by encouraging kids to decorate Rangolis with colors, flowers, and sweets, light candles and diyas, dance, and sing.


It is an excellent remedy for treating anxiety and stress!

Are anxiety, stress, and nervousness some common traits in your pet? There often comes a moment when your pet may feel stressed due to underlying causes like loud noises, firecrackers, separation from humans, traumatic past, and unfamiliar people as well as surroundings. 

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With the upcoming festive season in India, especially Diwali, let’s prepare ourselves so our pets can have a better festive week than usual. With 15 drops of STRESSZA, twice a day, there will be some relaxation our pets may feel during all the festivities – its noise and celebrations! ✅

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