By Prachi Jain*

 “You keep wandering around in search of peace but the moment you sit down and start doing something that you love, in that exact moment, you will find your peace”, my dog said this to me. So, I gave her a hug and in return, I got a lot of wet kisses.

‘Sunshine’…… As her name suggests, my dog is like sunshine in my life. She has been a constant source of support to me. The moment she came in my life, I realized how blessed I am to have her. She is protecting me in all ways that I had never even imagined. A pet is not just a companion but she/he is a saviour as well. Sunshine entered in my life when things were okay or may be not in a particular way. She is a guide, who is helping me to overcome some of my unspoken fears of not having consistent people in life and reassurance that I require.

When I adopted Sunshine, she was 90 days old. She was like a soft teddy bear that could fit on my palm easily and I could carry her wherever I want. The moment I saw her for the first time, it was love at first sight for me. She came running towards me and sat on my feet, I picked her up and she started biting my fingers. It’s been so long since then, but till date she is still a puppy for me. I guess all dogs stay like a puppy forever, they never really grow up! When I got Sunshine home, she was so restless for a couple of days but ultimately, she became my parents’ favourite. They started loving her more and she deserves it as well. Without even saying anything, she just takes away all my worries and stress.

She is making me more compassionate. Like they say, dogs are a part of our lives but we are their whole world. But I guess sometimes it’s completely opposite. Sometimes, it makes me wonder what this planet would be without dogs, one of the most selfless creatures that this universe has ever made. The other day, I wasn’t feeling alright, I was just sitting quietly in one corner of my room; Sunshine came towards me and she just sat near me. I was amazed to see her doing this because it was her walk time and she never likes to compromise on that. Another surprise was that she didn’t even get her leash; she just came and sat near me. We must be sitting there for around an hour before I called her and after that, there was no turning back; she did not just drag me to take her out for a walk but she also made sure that my mood is uplifted. She made me ran so fast that I was short of breath and just sat in one corner. The moment I lifted my face, I could see the gorgeous sunset. Sunshine came and sat right next to me and rested on my lap; I understood that it was her way of telling me that no matter what happens in my life, she will always do something and make me laugh.

The very next moment, I took her out and treated her with her favourite ice cream; after finishing her ice cream, she came and gave me a hug. Sunshine is not a kind of dog that likes to get hugged; yes, she might cuddle and sleep but never hugs.

The way our furry companions understand how we are feeling is magical. I wish it was that easy to get along with humans as well!

My biggest take away from SUNSHINE is…..It’s okay! You don’t have to fake it; however, sometimes it is completely fine to do things that usually you don’t like doing, especially for the one who loves you the most.

 * The author is a marketer by profession. For her, writing is like a happy and safe place, where she knows she can write whatever she wants! Being an avid writer, reader, and cinephile, she has often found herself shuffling between books, diary, and movies.

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