Congratulations to the other top 5 winners of ‘Summer Giveaway’ contest! This is the surprise we wish to give to our amazing followers. Their photo entry (see below) received, the most likes and thus the consolation prizes.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Stay tuned for our next contest in August!

“MAC is the Heartbeat at my Feet and My Bundle of Happiness”
MAC belongs to the breed Lhasa Apso. He is a 7-month-old sweetheart!
• A long-haired beauty! He has a slaying LOOK that melts every single one’s Heart!
• MAC Love is SELFLESS and he loves morning walk and playing with children the most!
• He is very close to many people!
• He has won heart of every single soul that he has met so far.
• I am so glad and grateful for raising him. He is truly a bliss.
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Leo Singh
I am Leo Singh. The moment I laid my eyes on him, it was a beautiful moment. He was everything that I ever asked for. My baby is the most handsome boy. He likes his evening walk with his grandmother. He is very mischievous and sassy at times and only listens to his mother. He loves to race and fool around in the garden. He knows how to cheer people up, act funny and be gentle with kids. Potato is one thing he loves binging on. He hates baths but loves it when there is a massage involved. Indeed, Love of my life.

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We remember bringing him home, our happiness Pitu. He used be so small and furry with tiny paws .He loves sleeping. Pitu is a daddy’s boy. It has been 11 years since he has been with us. Every day is a new day for him to do silly little things that we adore. He hates when someone touches mummy’s slippers. He runs behind kites. Pitu does’nt not believe in sharing his bed space. He is part of our family and has brought so much fun and memories into our lives.

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Hello my name is Takku, I am a mixed breed male dog!
I met my family 5 years ago when I was a month old puppy, wandering places to find a home. Being disciplined, neat and a quick learner are my traits. Things I usually enjoy are cuddling, snuggling and warm kisses from my family and park buddies. Sometimes, I throw tantrums whenever I need something to eat or to go out to play. I am very attentive and always take care of my home and family. Thank you all for your likes.
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My baby dog, Gucci is a Shih Tzu. She is not only my friend but now a part of my life that is inseparable. She is a loving, understanding and an extremely friendly dog.

There are few things that Gucci just cannot live without: first is of course her mummy, second is her brown bear that she loves a lot. Her favourite treat is her bone with a little bit of peanut butter on it. She is not just my pet but my travelling companion. I just love spending time with her which makes me forget all my worries.

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